Why Stay Away: Period Sex is Worth Trying!

Isn’t it awful when men don’t want to have period sex? The term period sex means sex with a woman when she is chumming.

It is not a good idea to go for oral sex when your girl is on her monthly cycle. There are several reasons why period sex is less loathsome than you think. In fact, it is better than the regular sex. It does not necessarily mean you have to touch it down there.

When you are wearing a rubber and you don’t have to taste it, look at it or touch it, then why not ignore the signs of menstruation to enjoy the intimate sessions with your partner? Due to ignorance, people are less aware of herpes. The study says that there are many people who can easily get involved in sexual relationships without even knowing their partner.

Isn’t it like, risking a contact to an STD is more appealing to men than having sex with a woman who is going through the menstrual cycle a very natural process?

Menstruation sex is actually amazing. Undoubtedly, it is better than all other kinds of sex you’ve ever had.

This means that your lady is going to be gyrating in ways you’ve never seen her move before. Really like the horniest of the horny ever. Your girl will ride in ways that you only fancied about as she’s pre-lubricated and ready to roll. Some women even reported decreased menstrual pain after having sex, so sex during menstruation is a win-win situation for both the partners.

It would be scornful to a woman’s body to tell her when she can and can’t have sex. Women bleed once a month and it enables them to carry a child. Think about it, it doesn’t make them “gross” or any less worthy of being a normal human being.


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