Why do people love Rohit Shetty movies?

When one thinks about blockbusters, one name that always comes to the mind is Rohit Shetty. With his recent release Simmba too achieving the blockbuster status, he truly seems to have understood the pulse of the Bollywood audience. But what is the formula behind the success of Rohit Shetty movies? When you take a closer look at his movies, some factors do stand out that seem to explain why his movies are such a hit with the audience. In this article, we’ve tried to decode that formula and understand why people love Rohit Shetty movies?

Entertaining Lead Character

From the Golmaal gang from Golmaal: Fun Unlimited to Sangram Bhalerao in Simmba, the lead characters in Rohit Shetty movies are an entertainment package on their own. Funny and witty, they spout catchphrases just as well as they throw punches. His comical characters tend to have an action avatar (like Gopal in the Golmaal series) and his action heroes have their comical quirks such as Singham and Simmba from the respective movies. This kinda balanced the entertainment ratio just enough to entertain various sections of the audience to great effect.

Crowd-Pleasing Mass Moments

As Bollywood fans, we all love a good mass moments in our films. Sequences where our heroes take on a larger than life action avatar to give us goosebumps. This is a common feature in every Rohit Shetty movie. In his movies, action sequences do not take place for the sake of it. Rather, they take the narrative forward while satisfying our craving for a massy action scene. One of the best examples of this can be seen in Simmba during the interval block scene. Simmba finds out about Akruti’s video and sits in silence at the police station. The villain Ranade’s goons reach the station to retrieve the phone. However, after a tense buildup, Simmba takes out each of the goons and shocks his fellow police officer. But the cherry in the cake moment comes when Simmba steps into his cabin in plain clothes and comes out wearing his police uniform for the first time in the movie. You’ve got to watch Simmba Full movie online (currently streaming on ZEE5) to witness this epic scene!

Memorable One-Liners

One-liners from Rohit Shetty movies are the stuff of popular culture now. Like, people still use the dialogue ‘Aata Majhi Satakli’ every now and then. This dialogue from the original Singham movie became so popular that it became the title of a song in the sequel Singham Returns. Cutting forward to his latest movie Simmba, ‘Je Mala Mahit Nahi Tey Sanga… Tell me something I don’t know.” trended online with several memes being made on it.

Chartbuster Songs

Songs from Rohit Shetty movies have been the life of many parties over the years. Be it the title tracks from the Golmaal series, Lungi Dance from Chennai Express or Aala Re Aala song from Simmba, the tunes make everyone dance their heart out on the dance floor. Even the picturization of the songs is so colorful that you can watch the videos multiple times and still be in awe of the use of colours in the songs. The songs from Chennai Express, in particular, are a great example to understand Rohit’s eye-catching use of colours to brighten up his fun songs.

Epic Stunts

A Rohit Shetty movie is incomplete without some badass stunts. Whether it toppling cars during the race scene in Golmaal or the shootout scene in Singham Returns, Rohit Shetty continues to raise the standards of action in Bollywood. Even in a fun comedy movie like Chennai Express, he makes blowing up cars and the tough fist fights incredibly fun to watch. Basically, when it comes to action, no one does it better than Rohit Shetty in Bollywood.

So, as he works towards making India’s first cinematic cop universe, the expectations from Rohit Shetty movies continue to soar higher. Joining hands with Akshay Kumar this time, it would fun to see the kind of action bonanza that awaits the audiences when Sooryavanshi releases.

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