What Types of Aviator Sunglasses Lenses Available in the Market?

In today’s modern world, aviator sunglasses have become one of the icons of many youngsters. You’re not fashion-conscious if you don’t wear these types of shades. First developed in 1937 by Ray-Ban, the aviators are still hallmarks of what sunglasses should be.

Army pilots were the first persons to wear aviator sunglasses. However, the popularity of these glasses rose when they became a choice of many celebrities.

Aviators and Others

Are you not sure whether you can recognize the aviator sunglasses? Don’t worry. Look at the shape of the reflective lens. The lens is dropping or oblique. These lenses are huge. They are designed in a way that they can cover more than three times off your eye sockets. Besides the lenses, the frame is made of metal. It comes with wire temples that allow the frame to be hooked behind your ears.

A Variety of Styles

They say, no optical manufacturer can topple aviator sunglasses. It is not possible for them. Reason being, you can do a number of things using a pair of aviator sunglass without having to forget the essential features of the glasses thoroughly.

Let me be frank by discussing some different types of aviator sunglasses lenses.

Polarized Lenses

In today’s market, you can find aviator black sunglasses that come with polarized lenses. Such lenses are beneficial for your eyes as they have the property to protect your eyes from the effect of harmful rays of the sun. Thus, your vision remains safe. Besides these, these lenses give you cleaner images. That’s the main reason why aviator glasses that have polarized lenses are worn by athletes and those individuals who are involved in several outdoor activities.

What Types of Aviator Sunglasses Lenses Available in the Market - BlogBucket
What Types of Aviator Sunglasses Lenses Available in the Market – BlogBucket

Spectral Control Lenses

These lenses empower you to interact with a full spectrum of light. It manages light wavelengths so works as a visual equalizer. It is the perfect solution for glare and haze as it diminishes them to a great extent. Your vision becomes sharper as the spectral control technology enhances the contrast —all while filtering out the distracting blue light that causes eye fatigue.

Vintage Aviator Glasses

Apart from the polarized lenses, you can also find retro-style or vintage Aviator glasses. You can hardly find original retro-style lenses. However, many such glasses are available in the market, and they feature to resemble the first Aviators. These sunglasses are incredibly dark and have huge lenses. You can happen to see their frames in many vibrant hues, ranging from yellow, orange to classic white and black.

Photochromic Lenses

These are among the most common lenses used these days. They feature to adjust to changing light conditions. They can lighten in low sunlight and darken in bright sunlight. Besides, they can also block harmful UAV and UVB rays. Thus, they can deliver the ultimate results in protection and visual acuity. Photochromic lenses are ideal for drivers, and commercial as well as military pilots.

Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses

Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses - BlogBucket
Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses – BlogBucket

In the market, mirrored aviator sunglasses are also available. These sunglasses come with reflective lenses with flash or mirror coating on the outer portion. These lenses feature to reduce as much as 60 percent light that goes through the lenses. This is the main reason why tints are usually made in brown or grey. Other colors are also available, but these lenses don’t carry any effect on the aviator mirrored sunglasses.

Lens Technology

Lenses are manufactured using microscopically infusing technology in 10000C temperature. Whether you want to buy award-winning Polar lenses or ultra-light glass in any colors, you will enjoy excellent visual acuity and optical superiority.


Aviator sunglasses not just make you look fashionable all the time, but also protect your eyes from harmful sun rays. You can use these sunglasses casual clothing or suits. To buy the most affordable and right aviator sunglasses, do search them online.

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