What are the items that should never be placed in the microwave oven?

In recent times, in urban cities such as Pune, there exist only nuclear families. The husband and wife go to work and the children to school. And the seniors take care of the cooking, cleaning part with the help of maids. The children rarely learn to cook, and if it is the weekend, then the family is off to dine in the restaurants. Yes, rapid changes in technology have helped the nuclear families save time. So, you have the washing machine for laundry, air conditioner for cooling the room, vacuum cleaner for the elimination of dirt and dishwasher for utensils. We missed the most important appliance in terms of food. The microwave oven. Used for cooking and heating the food. However, similar to the other electronic appliances, maintenance is required for this device to last its lifetime. In this article, we give you information on items you should never ever put in a microwave oven.

Many youngsters, these days, survive on instant foods and noodles. Some of them literally do not have knowledge on cooking, except for boiling eggs or making coffee. Kindly remember in many parts of the world, people lose their lives during the cooking process.

There are many who feel that microwave oven is best used not only for heating but also for cooking purposes. And they feel that any type of food can be heated in the microwave oven. Wrong statement. Mentioned below are some of the items that are a “No-No” in the microwave oven.

Paper containers

Paper containers - BlogBucket
Paper containers – BlogBucket

Okay, you got the pizza from McDonald’s in a paper lunch bag. It is trendy, and you feel that it can withstand the pressure of microwave oven. That is where you go wrong. Forget the sanitary conditions, if it comes in contact with the microwaves, because of the heat, it can catch fire. You may face severe burns in accidents or because of toxins released into the atmosphere.

Plastic Containers

Plastic Containers - BlogBucket
Plastic Containers – BlogBucket

Okay, your hubby went to the grocery store and bought yogurt in a container. Never to mention the noodles in a plastic container. Ensure you do not load them in the oven to heat food, or else it will melt.

There are other types of plastic containers. They may have a tough exterior, but please check their label as to where they are microwave resistant or not. The reason, phthalates and BPA can leak in the foods.

There are some brands such as Tupperware which have labels stating they are safe from a microwave oven. In case the label is torn off, check the website of the manufacturer.

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum Foil - BlogBucket
Aluminum Foil – BlogBucket

You are dealing with waves so never attempt an adventure. The foil can get heated and start a fire. Or if it is a thick metal, it can reflect the microwaves. Are you interested in starting a fire? There are umpteen chances that the food kept in the thick aluminum foil will not go warm. And yes, never place utensils with pointed edges. It can lead to the creation of electric field and sparks. Beware of plates with metal trimmings.


Yes, they look hard and enticing. Put them in the oven, because you feel it will be just ten minutes. But please note, one second is enough to snuff out a human life. Plastics, styrofoam are, and it will not go well with the temperatures in the microwave oven.

Vintage plates and mugs

Vintage plates and mugs - BlogBucket
Vintage plates and mugs – BlogBucket

Industry experts say that use of microwave for old mugs and plates with more than 50 years may cause lead to seep to the foods.

Stainless steel travel mugs

Stainless steel travel mugs - BlogBucket
Stainless steel travel mugs – BlogBucket

Exercise the same caution for steel mugs. The waves will bounce off the surface. Your food will never get warm. Yes, the damage to the oven is certain.

Frozen Meat

Frozen Meat - BlogBucket
Frozen Meat – BlogBucket

It is difficult to microwave the meat, that too, frozen meat. It will not cook properly, especially the insides. And if it is a large piece, the heat will not get distributed properly. So the best way is to defrost the meat, make it come to room temperature. Then prepare the food. Or else in the dishes, some parts will be cooked, while others will be still, raw.


Nothing - BlogBucket
Nothing – BlogBucket

Do not switch on the microwave oven without having even a item. Just imagine the consequences. There will be no food to absorb the waves. They will move around regardless of directions. In case, the time taken is more, then it can lead to self destruction.


These are only a few of the instructions regarding microwave oven. But still, some repairs may happen in due course of time, however, proper the maintenance. In

similar cases, you do not have to worry if you are in a urban city such as Pune. You just need to download the app of the best home maintenance company and hire a qualified professional for microwave service in Pune. You can also schedule the service as per your own convenience. Before the D-day, you will get a call from the qualified technician to confirm the status of booking the order and to know the type of repair. On the specific day, the technician will come to your house and restore the appliance back to normal.

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