What Are Best Home Remedies For Tennis Elbow?

What Are Best Home Remedies For Tennis Elbow - BlogBucket

Tennis elbow commonly occurs in people at middle ages and those who regularly work or exercise heavily. The elbow is the body part that often suffers from physical effects, thus it is very vulnerable. This condition not only causes pain and fatigue but also lead to many other complications. In addition to treating tennis elbow with western medicine and surgery, you can apply home remedies for tennis elbow. These methods are quite simple with inexpensive expenses. In the article below, we would like to share some experiences of treatment for tennis elbow.

Causes of tennis elbow

Causes of tennis elbow - BlogBucket
Causes of tennis elbow – BlogBucket

Tennis elbow is one of the common diseases. So what are causes of tennis elbow? Here are some reasons for you to refer to.

  • Due to excessive exercise, for example, playing sports or carrying heavy things, causing injury to the elbow. After a long time, this pain leads to tennis elbow.
  • This disease is also common among people whose job requires sitting long at one position; continuously using the hands and arms as a typist, office worker, tailor and driver. As a result, they often suffer from elbow pain. Besides, the disease is also caused the occupation that forces the workers to move hands constantly and strongly. Those who have a high risk of having tennis elbow include carpenter, welders and blacksmiths.
  • On the other hand, tennis elbow may be due to elbow injury because of strong bumps, traffic accidents. Consequently, elbow muscles hurt, suddenly stretch, causing aches and pains.
  • In addition, tennis elbow is also caused by a number of other diseases such as degenerative joint disease, lateral epicondylitis, olecranon bursitis and olecranon cyst.

Symptoms of tennis elbow


Symptoms of tennis elbow develop over time. As usual, there is no specific trauma associated with the symptoms. Common symptoms are the pain or the redness on the outer part of the elbow.

The pain will be worse when you fold elbows, stretch elbows and hold something. Carrying something always causes you to feel pain. Sometimes the elbows stiffen and the stretch of elbows has some difficulties. In case the condition gets worse, the pain appears more frequently even when you do not play sports or hold heavy objects. Occasionally, driving also makes you painful.

The pain will become a barrier to playing sports activities. Then it gradually affects the activities in your daily life.

Taking an X-ray on front and side elbows will help to find out very small calcifications. In addition, accompanied joint injuries can be detected. Depending on the circumstances, electromyography will be performed to record the activities of the radial nerve.

Best home remedies for tennis elbow

To prevent the disease from having complications, you immediately stop all the activities if the pain has not been controlled. Besides, you can take the support of medical treatment. For example, you can cure tennis elbow with anti-inflammatory drug or get a cortisone injection.

However, in case you want to alleviate the symptoms of tennis elbow, it is recommended that you consider the following effective home remedies:

Roasted brown rice tea

Roasted brown rice tea - BlogBucket
Roasted brown rice tea – BlogBucket

When having tennis elbow, you can drink brown rice tea to relieve elbow pains. Brown rice tea, as well as other herbal teas, have the effect of purifying the body and fight against joint inflammation. You can drink brown rice tea instead of water.

Brown rice flour

Brown rice flour - BlogBucket
Brown rice flour – BlogBucket

In addition to drinking brown rice tea to relieve the symptoms of tennis elbow, you can also eat roasted brown rice every day. Brown rice contains the high concentration of sterolin and phytosterol, which are effective in viral and bacterial resistance. Moreover, it aids you to boost the body’s immune system, aimed at preventing degenerative diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, knee arthritis, elbow arthritis and premature aging.

Atalantia buxifolia


Atalantia buxifolia belongs to the Rutaceae family. It is a small shrub that has a trunk full of thorns, alternate thick hard leaves containing essential oils, white flowers and round fruits that turn black when they are ripe.

How to use:

Taking dried atalantia buxifolia for drinking daily. You also smoothly grind atalantia buxifolia to apply to the skin. According to Oriental medicine, this plant has a spicy taste and warm feature. Atalantia buxifolia is usually used to treat arthritis, bone pain, wrist arthritis and rheumatism effectively.

Prickly chaff flower


Prickly chaff flower (scientific name: Achyranthes aspera) is a species of amarante. It also has other names of chaff-flower and devil’s horsewhip. This plant has a slim trunk, is one meter in height and grows wild everywhere. Tuberous roots of prickly chaff flower are often picked to dry for treatment of many diseases. According to Oriental medicine, this tree has bitter, sour and spicy tastes with the effects of supporting blood circulation, preventing inflammation, making livers and kidneys better and strengthening the tendons. Prickly chaff flower is effective in treating some diseases such as bronchitis, nephritis, urolithiasis, high blood pressure, congestion and especially joint diseases and tennis elbow.

How to use:

You can take advantage of roots and trunks of prickly chaff flower; the suggested amount is 10-16 grams per day. This plant contains many saponins that have good anti-inflammatory effects.

Solanum procumbens


Solanum procumbens are small trees living for many years, climbing or crawling for a few meters. Wood and smooth trunks, numerous branches covered with star-shaped fur and a lot of curved yellow thorns. This tree has alternate leaves with oval or oblong shapes and irregular lobes. Their upper surface is covered with thorns and the lower surface has a soft, white and starry fur. The fruits are succulent and spherical. When getting ripe, they become red. The tree has the warmth and contains a little poison. You can use solanum procumbens to cure rheumatism. Besides, it helps to relieve poison, sputum, cough and pain. In addition, the plant is used to stop the bleeding and treat knee joint diseases and tennis elbow joints.

How to use:

You clean the roots of solanum procumbens. Then you slice and dry them. Each day you take about 10-20 grams for drinking to treat tennis elbow.

Sweet potatoes and bananas

Sweet potatoes and bananas - BlogBucket
Sweet potatoes and bananas – BlogBucket

When having tennis elbow, you are advised to use sweet potatoes and bananas for treatment. Bananas are rich in potassium that can transfer cardiac output to joints, helping to relax your muscles, thereby relieving arthritis.
Sweet potatoes contain a lot of protein that aids muscles to keep away from muscle aches, arthritis and stiffness.

How to use:

You crush banana and sweet potatoes, then mix both of them in a cup. You do once a day and eat them regularly after meals. As a result, the symptoms of arthritis, as well as tennis elbow, will be significantly improved.

The above-mentioned home remedies for tennis elbow only work to reduce the symptoms of painful joints and tennis elbow. In reality, it cannot completely cure the pain of the disease. Therefore, to put an end to the disease, you should go to the hospital for a medical examination to take an effective treatment method. Another important thing is that while receiving treatment, you should maintain a balanced diet that supplies adequate nutrients to help you to quickly recover from the disease.

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