Ways To Grow Your Sex Enjoyment

If you want to deliver the most toe-curling orgasm your partner has ever had, follow these tips to ways to grow your sex enjoyment

  1. Hormones Play – how to satisfy your partner

    Although it’s amazing to let your partner take their time to turn you up beforehand, wellness experts say foreplay is just as imperative! Since a slow mental build up will exaggerate provocations play out your sex fantasies. Bump-start with some kisses and then drag to the ear and hormones will work their way for you!


  1. grow your sex enjoyment
    grow your sex enjoyment

    90’s eye-contact –Kill the cliché stripping off your clothes and body. Rather stand in front, reach out to your partner’s gaze and give a first class seat as you do your slow strip tease!



  1. Dirt the awkward silence –If you are aiming at a high level sexual pleasure, the key is to keep adding up the heat with a little dirty talk. Appreciate in vivid detail and you will keep the hormones swirling with sexy dirty talks.


  1. Breath away –As your partner catches
    how to have more pleasure in bed
    how to have more pleasure in bed

    their breath, it’s your time to tease with a few light strokes then start back up immediately (just don’t kill your partner yet because COOLING DOWN is also vital).



  1. Enrich fruity moments –Range for the strawberries, peaches and mangoes- they’re all rich in boron, “which will help your body turn the calcium in your diet into rampant, Hefner-esque lust”, according to Fiona Marshall, author of Natural Aphrodisiacs. Team them with blackberries and pineapple in a fruity cocktail that will send your sexual charge overflowing out of your silky-smooth boxers and fulfill any woman’s sex fantasies.


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