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Adventure on Wheels

Bike riding is a mixture of adventure and the feeling of independence. It makes an attractive package for riders. Riders are always recognized by their passion called traveling. For them there is nothing more important than planning a trip with their best buddies. Sunday to them means thrill, adventure, exploring the unexplored. They plan their lives around travel, not travel around life.

Whenever you ask a bike rider why they ride? You will get the same answers for sure and that is
“I ride because it’s as important for me as breathing”.

Emerging trend of bike riding in India – Nowadays traveling doesn’t mean just move from one place to another. Traveling is much more than that and through bike riding travelling gets a new twist. The whole concept of bike riding, especially experiential travelling appeals to the youth. Various small groups are evolving in every town and city for long distance bike riders.

According to Akshay Kumar, Director, Adventure Tour Operators Association of India (ADTOI),”Motorcycle Tourism is picking up pace steadily, year-on-year and its growth rate has been 30 per cent per year for the past five years”. This move will be great for the motor biking segment!

The trend of bike riding trips in India has become a hot favorite. You can travel in groups or individually. Riding in groups has many advantages. You can meet new people, make new friends and get support. Even if you are traveling alone, there is no chance to get bored. You can pass time by enjoying the natural environment along with the twist and turns of road. There is no peer pressure and you can do anything without any restrictions, according to your own comfort, but apart from that there is much more risk traveling alone than in a group.  Some passionate riders go for long distance riding to get a feeling of achievement.

Hurdles are part of Journey – Bike riding may look very attractive and easy but it’s really a big challenge for the riders. There are various problems faced by them. No matter where you are driving, while on a road or at a hill station. Risk is always there. If you are on a road then major traffic jams on highways, unskilled drivers of other vehicles and the state of our Indian roads are some very common factors that you have to deal with. It is very difficult for riders to ride in daytime after 12 noon, especially in summers. Or if you are riding in a hilly area there is always a chance of landslides which can create major problems. You need to be very careful about the locations you choose and must look into the geography of a region before booking a bike to reach and tour the destination.


Opportunity knocks at your door – If you are a passionate bike rider, then here’s a good opportunity for you. Now this traveling segment is showing its potential. Biking clubs organize events and provide great platform for riders to participate and achieve their targets. These bike-riding events are complete packages with music, food and stunt performances generating a lot of excitement and entertainment. Particularly, they promote bike riding. Tying up with such biking clubs for tours is one of the best ways of doing it.


Take care of your Sweetheart {Bike} – Bike riders are heroes in their own lives and their bikes are their heroines, life, or you can even say, they are everything to the riders. Bikes can be your style statement but it can’t be much safer than cars. Thrill, adventure and passion are everything for the bike riders but it is not beyond Safety. Riding is a passion, it might even be your destiny but it is only one life that you have to travel. It’s all about overcoming fears and feeling the freedom. There is no one to disturb you, just you and your bike. Feel the natural surroundings. Before going for a ride it is very important to cross check each and everything from Wheel Alignment to Grips, Pedals-Levers, Tire Pressure to Oil levels and Cable Connectors, loosened wiring to weird sounds in your engine.


Along with that take care of yourself. Go for the best outfit to guard and protect you. Never ever forget your riding Helmet. Drive Safe and don’t forget; someone is waiting for you at home.

There are many Bike rider groups with different passions, motives and desire to achieve that special feeling, a feeling which we can’t have or even admire in our normal lives. I got a chance to meet one special such group called IRON HORSES.

Last but not the least; I would like to thank Iron Horses for letting me into their world and for giving me the opportunity to share their riding experiences. I would also like to mention the care they have for each other, safe driving and providing support in their group. It is something to admire and appreciate. Life is full of surprises, so be ready for delights when you least expect them and enjoy this adventurous passion filled journey. 

The Road is calling. Cheers!!!

Image Courtesy: thrillophilia, cloudinary, shutterstock

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