Unwrapping Mattresses

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Unwrapping a new mattress can be a tricky affair if you do not have an idea about what you are doing. Mattress manufacturers wrap up and box the mattress before sending them out. Rolled mattresses which are stored for longer periods of time can sometimes damage their foamy layers. So it is essential to unwrap them carefully.

How Are Foam Mattresses Packed

How Are Foam Mattresses Packed - BlogBucket
How Are Foam Mattresses Packed – BlogBucket

Boxed mattresses are often memory foam mattresses which have been vacuum packed and rolled in order to save delivery and storage space. In order to make them appealing to customers, they are often sold with fancy covers and called NextGen mattresses.  The process of rolling the mattress often involves passing it through a big roller, which is responsible for crushing the air out and reduce the size of the mattress drastically. This way a normal sized mattress can fit into a smaller space and be delivered to a customer much more easily as well. Since keeping mattresses rolled for a long period of time can damage the foam layers, it is a good idea to unroll it as soon as you purchase it.

How Long To Wait for A Rolled Mattress To Reach its Original Shape

In most cases, you will need to wait at least 6 hours before a rolled mattress will reach its original shape. In fact, some people also have the mattress delivered only after it has been inflated back to its original size.

Steps To Unwrap A Mattress

Steps To Unwrap A Mattress - BlogBucket
Steps To Unwrap A Mattress – BlogBucket

• Make sure that the old mattress has been removed from the room to make space for the new mattress.
• Unwrap the mattress slowly using a pair of scissors. Look for the starting point of the rolled mattress to make it easier to unwrap.
• Once you make the cut, the mattress will start expanding. So move to the middle tape and make the next cut.
• The last cut will release the mattress form and allow it to unroll completely and expand to its regular size. Make sure that the mattress has enough space to expand.
• You will need to leave the mattress alone for at least 6 hours to allow it enough time to expand properly.

Mattress manufacturers recommend leaving the windows and doors open when the mattress is expanding so that they lose the new smell quickly.  In case the mattress does not look like it has reached its original size after 6 hours, you can give it a good shake and wait for a few more hours. You can buy best mattress online and unwrap it at home and allow it to expand slowly.

Rolled mattresses often have a distinctive chemical or plastic smell. This can be irritating for some people. In order to be able to use the mattress after it has been unrolled and reached its proper size, you need to leave the windows and doors open for the off-gassing that will take place.

Sometimes the upholstery of the mattress might take a while longer to settle after it has been unrolled. You need to give the mattress good shake to make sure that all the parts of the mattress are settled to give an even surface. With plenty of mattress manufacturers like Wakefit devoted to manufacturing mattresses that offer you plenty of comfort.

Unwrapping Mattresses - BlogBucket
Unwrapping Mattresses – BlogBucket

Boxed or rolled mattresses are often delivered quickly. However, they take a while to expand and reach its original shape. So if you are planning on using your mattress as soon as it is delivered, it might be a good idea to have it delivered after it has expanded to its original size. This way you can get comfy on your mattress as soon as it arrives.

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