Turning Negative Thoughts into Positive – how to change your health, mood and relationships

Nowadays, our lives are full of deadlines and frustrations, with all the complaints and demands, leading us to stress. Being out of your comfort zone and working under pressure becomes a way of living. We all respond to pressure differently. Excess anxiety can damage our health, mood and relationships. If you ever feel that stress is taking control of your life, it`s time to take action. Stress, if short lived, is healthy, but if you are experiencing it for a prolonged time, then it`s time to turn that stressful situation into a positive one.

Turning Negative Thoughts into Positive

Turning Negative Thoughts into Positive - BlogBucket
Turning Negative Thoughts into Positive

Have you ever thought that stress can actually be good for you? If you are not aware of this, then give it a second thought. Sometimes, stress can actually help you perform efficiently and improves your memory. Good stress is a type of emotional challenge. You can experiment with it anywhere, anytime. Give yourself a deadline, where you have to perform your best. Stressful experiences can make you stronger.

In fact, good stress is good for the health. Recently, a study suggested that stress could help prevent breast cancer because it suppresses the production of oestrogen.

Let’s find out the ways to help transform negative stress into positive ones.

Understand the difference between stress and anxiety - BlogBucket
Understand the difference between stress and anxiety
  • Understand the difference between stress and anxiety – The first important thing to understand is the thin line separating stress and anxiety, which are both very confusing and actually quite different. Stress is a physical reaction to situations, which is natural, while anxiety is mental or cognitive reaction, which can be damaging.

How to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Stop thinking and start working - BlogBucket
Stop thinking and start working
  • Stop thinking and start working – Fast heartbeat, sweating and confusion, all these signals tell you that a part of your brain is going to shut down temporarily. The interesting thing about this is that your fast heartbeat sends a signal to your brain’s prefrontal cortex, a part that handles thought processes and decision making. Don’t let it take control of you. Overcome negative thoughts and Try to transform it into positive energy and motivation.
Get more organized - BlogBucket
Get more organized
  • Get more organized – It’s very easy to get stressed, that leads to confusion and makes it difficult for you to understand what’s important to work on next. Organizing the things by setting up a daily or weekly planner can help you see specific details of what you have to do immediately and what can wait. Manage your time better and alter the situation to turn negative thoughts positive.
Set your priorities - BlogBucket
Set your priorities
  • Set your priorities – Multitasking is not always possible. Setting priorities is very important. By organizing the things first, it helps to give you a clear insight and create space to overcome negative thoughts. You can do it by preparing a to-do list in order of importance. And then carry on from top to bottom. At the end, if you can’t get everything done, at least you will feel less stressed by because you have dealt with the most important ones at the start.
Be more focused - BlogBucket
Be more focused
  • Be more focused – Prioritizing is a struggle in itself, but it helps in dividing the tasks into sub-tasks that help focus on everything instead of stretching one task for the whole day. You will feel a sense of accomplishment by completing a task with full focus and that will lighten your stress levels and help you get rid of negative thoughts. Working on one project and keeping an eye on your to-do list helps you in turning negative thoughts into positive ones.

Do whatever bring out the best in you, not stress you more than required and to overcome negative thoughts.

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