Traveling With Your Best Buddy, You’r Pet!

They wake you up early in the morning with their cozy hugs and cuddles. They bring you your newspaper and sit by your feet sincerely. They bark at all those random strangers if they try intruding and the best thing about these beautiful little creatures is that they love you unconditionally. When such irrevocable love is shown by them, how could we go on a vacation without them accompanying us? So let’s not leave our pets at home and let them come with us wherever possible.

This article is about how to take care of a few things that will make it easy for us to take our pets along with us. Read this out to all those people who are looking for ways to carry their pets on the holiday tours.

Health Check-ups:

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Health Check-ups

The basic thing that should be done first is to get a regular checkup done. We always have to make sure that our pets are all in healthy conditions while traveling as it can be risky if they fall sick in the middle of the journey. It can lead to even the death of the animals.

Food Habits:

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Food Habits

It is advisory to carry your pets with empty stomach if they going to travel with you in the cars or airplanes. That might help them not to throw up and that is the safest you can keep your pets. You can give them a lot of water so that they don’t get dehydrated but nothing more than that. Once you reach your destination, feed your pet with whatever is necessary.

Longer Journeys:

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Longer Journeys

There are times when you are flying overseas with your pets and you have to feed them so that they don’t die of hunger. Only water is not the remedy then. So carry the basic food items that you give your pets at home. Carry their snacks or some simple and easily digestible food which they can have and still feel better and not puckish.


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Crates are an excellent way to keep your pets safe during the movement or in the vehicles. They are the safest when they are inside the crates. These are usually prescribed when you want to take your pets on a vacation along with you. Firstly that way your pets can have free movement and are also unhurt in the process. These are available at any pet stores and are very comfortable. You just have to choose them according to the size of your pet.


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You are not the only one who would want to travel along with pets and there will be hundreds and thousands like you who will be carrying their pets. So make sure you don’t lose your pet easily. The best way to do this is by making a mark. Try tying something to your pet’s leg or neck or anywhere that could not be taken off easily by the pets and that will be a very unique identity which could be recalled and described to any one if at all your pet is lost.


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Your pets need some free and open air to breathe back to normal after traveling immediately. They have to be let free to see if they are wobbling or walking well. They have to check themselves and get used to the new area that you are in right then. So make sure to just chain your pet if needed and let it go for a while. Keep a close contact so that it doesn’t fall in or invite some trouble. Grant it some freedom.


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It is always important to find out if the place you have booked is allowing your pets to stay or not. There will be a huge problem when you neglect the question and continue with the booking only to find out later that they strictly don’t allow pets to come in or stay with you. So look for the places that allow pets to stay with you and those that are ready to take care of your pets. There are special places that pamper your pets and there are special pet trainers assigned to make them feel better.

These are some of the little tip[s that we could give you if you wish to travel with your lovely little angels who love you and adore you every day for giving them shelter. Time to unleash them from their chains and let them go wander lusting.


Passionate about traveling and then penning down the experiences, Aara didn't have to leave any sort of corporate job or anything as she immediately started working for Indian Eagle as a traveler. It has been more than a year and she has not thought about taking a break from this. She rather enjoys it. Travel through her articles to know more about her world.

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