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From feeling a destination through virtual-reality to feasting on celebrity-chef cuisine on the go, these are travel predictions as to how we’ll be traveling in 2018. Check out what goals are on our radar.


Cautionary: Looking ahead may give you a sudden impulse to clear your 2018 date-book, which may lead you to pack your bags, book a fly and fights with the boss!


Chef Cuisine On the Go!

Chef Cuisine On the Go - BlogBucket
Chef Cuisine On the Go – BlogBucket

Starving holidaymakers won’t have to cost taste to get food on the fly in 2016. Chefs are making their esteemed dishes more accessible all over the globe. “Now, you won’t have to rack up credit-card debt on a trip to try their celebrity food.” Says food and travel writer Nevin Martell. You’ll be able to hold your New Year’s resolution to eat more vegetables. The thought is not solely vegetarian, but it makes meat the side dish in its mission.

Armchair traveling

Armchair traveling - BlogBucket
Armchair traveling – BlogBucket

Generations ago, Sitting on the sofa and traveling wouldn’t have even occurred in the same breath, until now. Once reserved for gamers, virtual-reality technology has got its root into traveling as well. If you are under the want-to-be-travelers or have been consumed with wanderlust but no time, you are the target! Because with this, you can venture the world sitting in your armchair.

Grandma, Go! Go!

Grandma, Go! Go! - BlogBucket
Grandma, Go! Go! – BlogBucket

The trend now is to transport the entire family along for a cherished trip. Families are forgoing the family escapes of the past, where quality time was spent parked at the seashore.

Social Reputation

Social Reputation - BlogBucket
Social Reputation – BlogBucket

“A hotel key might become a thing of the past. Checking in, accessing rooms, ordering drinks and paying hotel bills with a smart-phone will all become more common in 2015,” says the resort rescue host. 2016 introduces SPG Key-less program, which allows guests to check in and access their rooms via their phones.

Local know how

Local know-how - BlogBucket
Local know-how – BlogBucket

Travelers now want to experience a destination through the eyes of the people who live there by connecting with the locals. This offers tourists with homes overseas, so they can actually live like a native while on vacation.

Don’t complain about not getting holidays… I cautioned you beforehand.

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