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Apart from experiencing a destination, what else do we do as tourists?

Some of you guessed it right by now. We build memories, and we keep revisiting them several things–photographs, mementoes, visa stamps on the passports and much more. Aptly named Tourist, this restaurant in Janpath reflects just that.

Right from the moment you step in, the quirky decor of this restaurant will give you quick flashes of some of the best memories you have made by travelling. Sometimes through the Jaipuri sling bags hung at the corner, sometimes through the seats which gave the impression of bunker beds in tourist hostels, and sometimes through the wall frescoes showcasing the most common things we do as tourists.

We choose one of the swing seats on the rooftop seating area through which you can catch a glimpse of the entire Janpath and Connaught Place area.

We were given four different menus, which are made in the form of miniature visa books, bearing the titles Far East, Far West, Asia, and EU & UK. Each of these menus offers some of the most popular dishes from the respective regions. The menu itself takes you on a ride across the world.

We ordered the following:

Pizza Al Taglio — The best thing about this pizza was the thin yet soft crust which smelled and tasted fresh until the very end, even when the pizza got a little cold while eating on a winter evening.

Paella De Pollo — The famous Spanish dish was extremely well made. I have never had a better preparation of Paella in Delhi at least. The mashed rice had the flavours infused nicely, while the chicken was soft and delicious.

Messy Fish Baps — This is essentially a sub sandwich with generous filling of fish fillet prepared to perfection, served with tartar sauce along with hot and crispy French fries. Any fish lover would enjoy every bite of this dish, and make note that it’s very American in flavors. Those who are not in the habit of having fish might take time to comprehend the flavours of this one.

Chinatown Manchurians — Being Manchurian fans we had to order the dry manchurian version that is prepared in Kolkata’s Chinatown area. It was good, but I feel they can go slightly easier on the use of salt and spices and make it softer and juicier than it is served now.


Chocolate Paan Shots — This take away the prize as the best dessert available at Tourist. It’s by far one of the best desserts I have ever had. There are four chocolate golgappas filled with paan flavour kulfi–once you put a ball in your mouth, it feels like an explosion of chocolate, paan and kulfi together in the mouth. I dare someone to even trying to open his mouth with this one stuffed in.

Brick Lane Fudge — This British dessert was built to perfection. Had just the right amount of sweetness and flavors.

From the bar menu, I would recommend the ETC cocktail (End of Thinking Capacity) which is a delight for whisky lovers. It’s amazing how the mixologist had prepared a cocktail through the fusion of orange liqueur and whisky, balanced with Darjeeling tea and honey.

From the sheesha menu, go for the paan flavoured hookah, it’s pretty good.

Happy eating!

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