Top 8 Christmas Cakes baked around the World

Different countries and different customs, Christmas is all about celebrations!

Christmas is the year’s best time to eat sumptuous desserts, especially cakes under the guise of “festive spirit”. Christmas around the world is celebrated with diverse ethnicity, but the contentment of the festivity is same everywhere.

If turkey symbolizes the traditional food for Christmas, then the beautifully decorated houses with lights and wreaths of red, green and white flowers resemble the nativity vista. Christmas cards and cakes, Christmas carols, the candy canes and the secret Santa everything tell their own story. Compared to other countries, Indians blissfully celebrate the festival, although Christmas is extensively celebrated in the western and southern part of the country. People in Mumbai, Goa, North-Eastern states, Southern states and a few parts of North India rejoice Christmas to their fullest.

When the Christmas is just around the corner, we bring to you some of the luscious cakes from different parts of the world.

The United Kingdom: Christmas Fruit Cake

The United Kingdom: Christmas Fruit Cake - BlogBucket
The United Kingdom: Christmas Fruit Cake – BlogBucket

Christmas Fruit Cake is a much-adored fruit cake topped with marzipan (a confection consisting sugar or honey and almond oil). This fruitcake is dense and is also well-known by “boiled plum cake”. Spices are also added to the cake as it is believed that it represents the spices brought by the three wise men and brandy is sprinkled as a good gesture.

Germany: Weihnachtsstollen

Germany: Weihnachts stollen - BlogBucket
Germany: Weihnachts stollen – BlogBucket

Stollen, a traditional German fruit bread which is covered with the icing sugar or the powdered sugar, is the hero of this cake. The bread is usually eaten during the Christmas season, and at that time it is known by the native name of Weihnachtsstollen. Since the 15th Century, bakers in Germany have a long history with this classic Christmas cake.

Italy: Panettone

Italy: Panettone - BlogBucket
Italy: Panettone – BlogBucket

Hailing from Milan, Panettone is a peculiarly airy sweet bread. With the hint of citrus, it is paired with wine. Apart from Italy, Panettone is much liked by South Americans.

Spain: Rosca De Reyes

Spain: Rosca De Reyes - BlogBucket
Spain: Rosca De Reyes – BlogBucket

Rosca de Reyes or Roscon de Reyes is a traditional cake baked and eaten on January 6th to celebrate Epiphany, also known as Three Kings’ Day. It is a special feast day for Christians that marks the revelation of ‘God the Son’ as a human being in Jesus Christ. It is baked in the shape of a ring. Also, while baking, a tiny figurine of baby Jesus is baked into it. It is a tradition that whosoever finds that figurine becomes the king or queen of the party.

Chile: Pan de Pascua

Chile: Pan de Pascua - BlogBuckat
Chile: Pan de Pascua – BlogBuckat

Pan de Pascua is believed to have evolved from Panettone and Weihnachtsstollen. Pan de Pascua means Easter bread but is eaten around the Christmas time. It is usually served with a coffee drink, which is known as cola-de-mono or monkey’s tail.

India: Allahabadi Cake

India: Allahabadi Cake - BlogBucket
India: Allahabadi Cake – BlogBucket

A traditional Indian rum fruit cake, which got its name from the north Indian city of Allahabad. This cake is baked during the Christmas season throughout India. Allahabadi cake is prepared with nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, clarified butter, nuts, petha etc.

Jamaica: Rum Cake

Jamaica: Rum Cake - BlogBucket
Jamaica: Rum Cake – BlogBucket

Prepared with nutmeg, lime, rum and spiced with cinnamon, Jamaican rum cake is eaten during Christmas. Dried fruits are soaked in rum for months to add it in rum cake. Rum cake is also called ‘Black Cake’, and is similar to fruitcake.

Hungary: Bejgli

Hungary: Bejgli - BlogBucket
Hungary: Bejgli – BlogBucket

Also famous with the name called Poppy seed roll, Bejgli is a dessert role. Traditionally, apart from Christmas Bejgli is also eaten in Easter too.

BlogBucket wishes its readers Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Enjoy reading!

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