Top 5 Winter Foods You Must Try

Winter is around the corner. Chilly weather, long nights, cozy mornings and frequent food cravings are usual. Winter is the season’s best time to tingle up the taste buds with a variety of food dishes. The body temperature drops down due to the chilling weather. Our appetite rises and our body needs more energy to warm up; so we feel hungry after a short span of time.

Winter is the best time to fall in love with the variety of food dishes like paranthas having big cubes of butter. You can’t say no to the most delectable sweet dishes like moong dal ka halwa or gajar ka halwa. There are a number of food dishes which are the kings of the winter cuisines. Then, how can you forget that mouth-watering dish, makke ki roti and sarson ka saag with lip-smacking hot and spicy chutneys?

Halwa - BlogBucket
Halwa – BlogBucket

That is the reason why winters are considered as foody season, as we are unable to control our taste buds and it’s really difficult to avoid deep fried food items which may lead to weight gain and obesity.

Here, we are suggesting you top 5 food items that help to keep you safe from chilling weather and are good for your health:

Hot Soups

Hot Soups - BlogBucket
Hot Soups – BlogBucket

A bowl of soup is one of the best appetizers. It gives you the nutrients and keeps you away from calories. You can enjoy a variety of flavors. Go for this nutritious, healthy and energetic treat.

Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits - BlogBucket
Dry Fruits – BlogBucket

It’s time to warm up your body with the handful of almonds, pistachios, raisins, dried anjeer and cashews. It helps to satisfy your hunger pangs as they are loaded with fats, vitamins and minerals. Its intake with a cup of hot milk helps you de-stress and sleep soundly. Do not overeat them as they are difficult to digest.


Spices - BlogBucket
Spices – BlogBucket

We have a number of spices which not only keep you warm but also have strong healing powers that affect your overall health. You can find such magical herbs in your house very easily, like ginger, garlic, cinnamon, turmeric, ajwain and cloves. Taking them with boiled water helps to keep the immune system strong and keep you safe from cold, flu and other infections.

Peanuts and Sunshine

Peanuts and Sunshine - BlogBucket
Peanuts and Sunshine – BlogBucket

Crackling peanuts is a favorite time pass for many. It provides proteins and keeps our body warm. You can go for fried, salted or plain peanuts. The choice is yours! On the other hand do not forget to come out in the sunshine. Sunbath is the best way to keep the body warm and get plenty of vitamin D.

Hot Beverages

Hot Beverages - BlogBucket
Hot Beverages – BlogBucket

It’s time to fall in love with the variety of hot beverages like hot chocolate coffee, ginger tea and Kashmiri kahwa.

Welcome the winter season with health and warmth. Enjoy these foods to stay strong and vigorous in chilly weather.

Happy Winter!!

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