Top 5 Anticipated Smartphones in About to come in 2018

Smartphones are getting part of our daily life, In 2017 we have seen some of the greatest smartphones of all time but companies like Samsung and Apple are going to Surprise you with new phones in 2018. People impatiently waited for iPhone 8 and it successfully able to create a revolution in American Tech market. Today we made a list of upcoming phones which are about to release in 2018. If you are planning to buy a new smartphone then take a look at the below-given list.

Best 5 Anticipated Smartphones in 2018

1. Google Pixel 3

Till now Google release two edition of Pixels series and the third one is on the row. A user who is using this Smartphone surely familiar with the quality of this smartphone. With a Big Screen and Awesome Camera quality Phone roll out on the tech world. Where Companies like Samsung and Apple offer the same feature in a Price range of 900$ USD, Google is offering the same feature in just 600$. While testing the quality of the previous smartphone we found that the Pixels are brighter than iPhone 8.

Expected Features

  • Display:- 5.7 Inches
  • Camera:- 18 Mp
  • Ram:- 8 GB

2. Galaxy S9

Every year in the Mid of April Samsung release Galaxy S series smartphone for sure but this year this 9th edition may get launched 2 months before. People miss some features in s8 that’s why the company is giving a High priority to its design and features. Without any doubt, Galaxy s9 will be the Biggest phone of 2018.

Expected features

  • Dual Camera
  • Flexible Display
  • Ram 8 GB

3. iPhone 9

When it Comes to New Upcoming editions there is only one Brand which comes in our mind i.e Apple. As this company release only one smartphone a Year so Demand is too High Not only in U.S but also in other parts of the world. iPhone 9 Might feature flexible display as well as Great Water resistance capacity. Currently, the Concept design of the smartphone hasn’t launched so we can’t say anything at the moment.

Expected Features

  • Flexible Display
  • A12 Chip
  • iOS 12

4. One Plus 6

One Plus series is one of the most selling smartphone series in China as it beat Mi In the recent years. Built quality of this smartphone is too impressive that we can’t just forget in your life. In the year 2017 company launched One plus 5 smartphones which comes with 8 GB ram and 5.5 inches display now expectation are lot more from One Plus 6.

Expected features

  • Water resistance
  • Snapdragon 845 Octa Core
  • Memory:- 128 GB

5. Moto Z3 Play

Last but not the least smartphone in our list is Moto z3. The company launched many values for money smartphones in the past 2 years and Now in 2018 Motorola is going to launch Z3 Play. Display size may be increased this time as per reports claim On the other Hand Battery size of Moto Z3 will also be up to 4000 mAh for sure.

Expected features

  • Display:- 5.8 Inches
  • Camera:- 18 Mp
  • Ram:- 8 GB
  • Battery:- 4300 mAh

Finally, we have mentioned the list of some smartphones which are about to come.

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