Tips to Order Pizza Online

Whether it is a game night or you are planning a movie marathon with friends, you need certain foods that can make your time even more fun and exciting. What can you think more than pizza? With 24-hour pizza delivery system, you can order your pizza online or by phone and give details of what you want. You can choose whatever toppings you like and also ask them about discounts or offers if you are a regular customer of the particular pizza joint.

So, while ordering pizza, whether from your phone or through the online delivery system, there are certain things you need to remember. Read on to know more-

Provide Your Correct Address

Provide Your Correct Address - BlogBucket
Provide Your Correct Address – BlogBucket

It happens many times that after ordering pizza, you left the place or the room while ordering from outside your home. Maybe you are staying in a hotel and have ordered pizza. You should mention the name of the hotel, floor no., and your room no. You should also stay in your room or ask someone to collect the delivery when arrived.

Make Someone Attends the Delivery Always

If you are in a hostel and the gates are closed and light’s out, you should make someone who can collect the pizza from the delivery boy. Make him be at the gate at the time of delivery with money as that will save much time.

Provide a Number

While ordering pizza, you should always provide a phone number to the restaurant. Your number should also be shared with the delivery boy so that he can call you to know your exact location. If you are on your college campus and the gates are locked, you should make sure the driver call you before delivery.

Keep Your Money Ready

Keep Your Money Ready - BlogBucket
Keep Your Money Ready – BlogBucket

This is one of the essential tips while delivering pizza from any pizza joint. If you are ordering cash on the delivery system, you should keep your cash ready. Make sure whether you can pay through your cards. Rather, that will be the best option to pay with cards and then collect the money from your friends.

Don’t Forget to Tip

Now, this is something that many of you often forget or avoid. It is true that you have paid for the product, but that is not for the delivery boy. Whatever you have paid, the half of it directly goes to the restaurant. So, if you pay something separately that will be surely appreciated.

Buy from Reputed Restaurants

Buy from Reputed Restaurants - BlogBucket
Buy from Reputed Restaurants – BlogBucket

There are lots of restaurants or pizza parlor around the town. You should look for the most reputed one; no matter you have to pay a bit extra. Buying from a reputed restaurant means you get the authentic pizza that can make your celebration night even more colorful.

So, these are certain tips you need to follow while ordering from the best delivery pizza online or through the phone. Order whatever you like and enjoy your little party with your friends and family.

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