Threat to development: Population Explosion

World Population Day is celebrated on 11th July to create awareness about the world population and understand its effects on the developed and developing countries. In 1989, the event was created by the Council of the United Nations Development programs to embark on the issues of world population around the world. The World Population Day aims to increase the peoples awareness on various issues regarding population such as the:

  • Family Planning
  • Gender Equality
  • Poverty
  • Maternal Health
  • Human Rights

World Population refers to the total number of people living around the world. According to July 2017 United Nation estimates, 7.5 billion people are living in the world, Out of which the majorly populous countries of the world are the China followed by India. The current world population is on a rise keeping in view with the space available for the individuals to live in harmony with the nature.

Population Problems

Lets discuss the population problems faced by the world with the explosion in population:

  • Increasing population, increasing demand of basic life processes such as food, housing, sanitation and inadequate space to provide it to every individual.
  • Population increasing, which increases demands on green house gases that causes increase in the global warming throughout the world.
  • Population explosion creates more mouths to be filled than the hands that can create job and earn money to feed those hungry stomachs.
  • Population explosion causes unequal opportunities for the individuals hence giving rise to child labor and causing their bright future to be dimmed in the workshops of hard labor.

Reasons of Overpopulation

The reasons for such a tremendous increase in the population can be due to the following:

  • Ineffective family planning techniques
  • Inadequate knowledge regarding birth control measures by the couples both by the female and the male.
  • Inadequate spacing between the children for their proper growth and development.
  • Multiple children more than what the individuals can nurture the number of children.

Overpopulation Solutions

  • Birth Control policies needs to be stringently followed by the governments and the policy makers of the country.
  • Equal rights needs to be monitored for both the male and the females of the society.
  • Subsidy for the children for proper nourishment and education needs to be provided and carefully made available for people below poverty line.
  • Proper education to all the newly married couples on latest birth control measures needs to be made sure so as to avoid any unplanned pregnancies that will ultimately result in the expansion of family even when the couples are not prepared for it.

Population explosion is a major serious threat to the development. If population increases at the rate of development then its not worrisome but excess of anything is bad and so is population.

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