Threads of Protection: Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan is the festival that celebrates the sacred bond between a brother and sister. Indeed a true celebration of the sibling love is depicted during the festivity of the Rakshabandhan. The relation ship of brother and sister is marked in the Northern part of the India by the celebration of this auspicious occasion.

The Rakshabandhan ka tyoohar is a celebration to mark the importance of each other’s presence in their sibling’s life. The tradition of rakhi for rakshabandhan marks the pampering of her sister by her brother in turn promising to uphold her respect and value as well as protect her from all the wrong doings that she might encounter in her life.

Best of friends and worst of enemies

Indeed the above line truly demonstrates the relation between a sister and her beloved brother. The relation of a brother and sister is that of a love hate kind where in close to each other makes them fight on petty issues such as which movie to watch to what to order and blackmailing each other to tell the secret to your parents and distances makes them realize each others importance and worth and how dear and close we are at heart to each other. The relation of a brother and a sister is unique in its own sense. A sister can fight all day long with her brother, can irritate him to his extreme and not only that she can mock him whenever she like but will never allow her parents to scold him, always makes way for him after his late night parties and informs their parents that bro has gone for group study. This is the essence of the bond that a brother and sister share.

Brother a protector, sister a defender

On the auspicious occasion of Rakshabandhan, the festival is celebrated by the sister with the tying of rakhi on the wrist of her beloved brother. In some parts of India, the sister keeps a fast till the time the tying of rakhi is complete. Rakhi is a symbol that the brother promises to withhold with her sister of protecting her and her dignity and respecting her till the time he is alive. In addition to lovely promises and sustaining relation, brother also find this occasion as a great opportunity to pamper their sisters with rakshabandhan special gifts such as the expensive gifts, bags and what nots.

Celebrate Rakshabandhan in unique style!!!

But is Rakshabandhan enough for the girls of today times? Yes indeed every girl may not have a brother to protect her so stand up and raise your voice against the mishappenings encountered by other man’s sister. Yes you don’t always have to tie a rakhi to fulfill the promise. Any girl can be someone’s sister and you experiencing any girl facing harassment should become the brother that can protect someone’s sisters integrity.

Gifts for Sisters

Rakshabandhan is not only about material gifts but indeed it is a symbol for the bond created between a brother and her sister. Rakshabandhan special gifts may range from expensive bags to shoes to clothes but always your sister needs your love and support to face this world.

How to celebrate Rakhi online?

All you distant brothers and sisters don’t worry! In today’s tech savvy times, sending online rakhi is just a click away. Just go online to any of the gifting portals and select a rakhi suiting to the taste and persona of your brother and mail him a rakhi at very nominal prices. And celebrate rakhi on any of the video conferencing app like Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp etc while your stylish brother flaunts your oh so charming rakhi on to his wrist.

This rakhshabandhan send your lovely sisters the promise to protect and value the life of every girl. Pampering your sister and making her feel special is the essence of the threads of Rakshabandhan. And sisters need to transfer their good wishes for their beloved brothers.

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