Think Smart and get smarter cities

Awareness, it’s really important for all of us in today’s life because it is the time when we do not prefer the old methods of doing things, we want everything faster, which makes your life easier, like we do not prefer buses, auto rickshaws, etc. and prefer metro, we all use digital technologies but still most of us are not enough smart just because many of us are not aware with the technology. Some of us are afraid to use them, so awaring our self and others is most important in order to get smart, then smarter followed by the smartest.
To convert our city into a smart city we have some kind of solutions that allow us to monitor and control intelligent buildings to create safe and efficient. IOT (internet of things) offers a wide range of devices to bring innovative features like energy harvesting and preventative maintenance to your building automation system. Other than this we can achieve with IOT,
Smarter wireless sensing for enhanced HVAC and Lighting control
Optimize energy efficiency as part of a green building
Increase system reliability and reduce wiring costs

To make the city smarter smart homes are not enough, but the industrial overview is also important and IOT has many technologies for this in its pocket. IOT innovative systems allow us to design a more robust industrial system which creates safer and efficient environments for industries and meet the toughest system-level challenges.
IOT has so many applications for Factory Automation, Smart grids, industrial internet, connected car, Smart retail and supply chain, and to make farming also smart. These are some areas for which automations are very necessary. Nevertheless the IOT’s applications should not be underestimated because this is the smartest and easiest way of making our city smarter.

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