Things iPhone Can Do That Android Can’t

When it comes to smartphones, Apple and Android are two names that are most popular across the world. The two phones have their own specific operating system and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is quite difficult to conclude which one is better, iOS and Android. However, when it comes to reliability and consistency, you will find that Apple iOS has become the most polished and prestigious OS platform. Ask any of its users, you will see that there is nothing but utter love for the iOS.

If you are bored with your old Android phone and craving for something new and different, then you can consider buying an iPhone. You can also sell your used or second-hand phone online to any store at good prices. Here are some great things that only an iPhone can do and Android users can’t experience them. So, have a look at them and get inspired by getting an iPhone!


The Mobile Threat Report has been revealed that more than 97% of malware is composed of Android phones and tablets while 0% attacked iPhone and iPad. The main reason for this security issue is that Android users can’t download the latest updates of the operating system soon and they are an easy target of cyber scammers.

iPhone Security - BlogBucket
iPhone Security – BlogBucket

On the other hand, Apple Inc. has full control over their operating system and due to having complete control, they fix all bugs, glitches, and vulnerabilities found in the upgraded version of iOS shortly and keep their users’ devices in a safe mode all the time. So, if you are conscious about the security, iPhone will be your only choice.

Don’t Disturb Driving Mode

Don’t Disturb Driving Mode - BlogBucket
Don’t Disturb Driving Mode – BlogBucket

Although most Android devices are blessed with the Do Not Disturb mode, the new iOS 11 has come with an excellent mode titled “Do Not Disturb Driving Mode” that provides maximum security to drivers. This mode will automatically mute your notifications of calls, and text messages etc. when you drive. By enabling this mode, you can prevent yourself from being distracted by messages and calls etc.

Furthermore, you can also activate auto-reply option to send an automatic reply to the people trying to reach you during the driving. They will be notified that you are driving so they can contact you later.

iOS Updates

iOS Updates - Blogbucket
iOS Updates – Blogbucket

This is another aspect where Apple beats Android. When Apple brings updates in its operating system, all iPhone users are able to install the latest version of iOS on their devices the same time, which also means that any threats, glitches, viruses, or bugs will be easily fixed on all iPhone and other iOS devices so that users will enjoy improved functionality and better performance immediately. This is because Apple does not require any assistance for third-party companies to launch iOS updates. However, Android updates take a lot of time to operate on the devices.

Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection - BlogBucket
Privacy Protection – BlogBucket

When it comes to protecting the privacy of mobile phone users, Apple iPhones are often immensely superior to Android smartphones. iPhones are loaded with a great number of powerful privacy measures such as Fingerprint and Face recognition features. By using 3D Touch ID features on your iPhone device, you can protect private information.
Conversely, Android devices are a bit reliable as Android OS is an open source operating system that supports mass customization so it lacks privacy protection to some extent.

Best Apps

It is the truth that Apple’s iPhone has the priority to install and play the latest applications. When it comes to set a launch of a brand new app, many developers like to choose iOS platform. The reason is that iOS apps make the most money as compared to Android Apps.

Further, it is easy to develop an app on iOS than the Android device. A recent report of Infinium indicates that Android app needs about 38% more codes to attain the functionality of iOS version of an app.

For example, the Super Mario Run was released for iPhone devices first in December 2016 and then after March 2017 android users were able to play it. So, if you want to have an extraordinary user experience on the newest apps, you should get a hold of an iPhone.


iMessage - BlogBucket
iMessage – BlogBucket

Did you know you can decorate messages on your iPhone using images, songs, stickers, and more? Yes, Apple offers iMessage service for iOS users to make conversations more meaningful and personalize across all iOS devices including iPhones.
In addition, a new person-to-person Apple Pay feature is also added to Messages that let users send money to friends and family members directly through the iMessages App. You can use the money you received immediately to shop through apps and websites approved by Apple Pay.

More Space for Recorded Videos

Recorded Videos - BlogBucket
Recorded Videos – BlogBucket

Android users would already know that they can just record a video and can do nothing to compress it in order to keep the quality intact and also save space at the same time. However, Apple made it possible with their latest iOS 11. The upgraded iOS version brings a new video format HEIF/HEVC that records the videos as well as maintains the quality and takes less space to save it.

So you have impressed with the above-mentioned specifications of an iPhone and now thinking of upgrading your old android phone to a new latest iPhone. Wow, it is really a great idea. You can head over to the eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, and Certified dealers’ sites to buy the iPhone of your choice. However, if you intend to save money on the iPhone purchase, you can consider buying a refurbished iPhone like a new one.

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