Thanks to the stunts women who contributed in Bollywood

Thanks to the stunts women who contributed in Bollywood - BlogBucket

For years few brave women have been doing the daredevil stuff on screen for our Bollywood beauties. They take the risk but all the credit goes to our actresses only. Time has come to give some moment of glory to these ladies too.



She has been a stuntwoman for more than 3 decades. She was the one who did most of the stunts for Dream Girl Hema Malini in all her movies.

Bollywood should recognize such talents by rewarding them at award ceremonies.

Geeta Tandon


Geeta Tandon is another stunt woman of Bollywood who overcame being physically assaulted by her drunkard husband and stood on her own feat. She had 2 daughters to take care of all alone yet succeeded in life with her grit and determination.

Jennifer Kay Hamann

Jennifer Kay Hamann - BlogBucket
Jennifer Kay Hamann – BlogBucket

Not only Indian girls but even foreign doubles have also worked as a stunt woman in Bollywood. The above professional boxer was used as a body double for Priyanka in Mary Kom to make her punches look real in the film.

Sanober Pardiwala


Sanober Pardiwala is another young stuntwoman who easily does tough stuff for our gorgeous actresses like Aishwarya and Priyanka.

Through BlogBucket we’re happy to share the real pics of these brave ladies. Stay connected for more such interesting update about our Bollywood actresses.

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