Summer Fitness for the Young

Summer Fitness for the Young

We have all heard the news: Overweight and Obese teenagers are tipping the scales at an alarming rate, or the shocking story that overweight children are undergoing liposuction surgery. Watch out! This may get even worse in the next few months! Summers are approaching fast and school children or adolescents will relax at home and personify a fat potato. Busy with their own lives parents may scold, they may even spank them! But only to study. Now is the time to take care of your ward. Plan now – How to achieve summer fitness for the Young?

Follow these steps if you are serious about the Fitness of your child and family. Trust us! It’s not at all difficult.These steps can be undertaken smoothly and that too without hurting the vacation mindset and sentiments of the child.

No Sleeping Off!

No Sleeping Off - BlogBucket
No Sleeping Off – BlogBucket

Children get up early in the morning for schools. Don’t let this habit slip off during the vacations. The early bird catches the worm! Like the expression goes, getting up early will make them wiser. Study says-Early risers are more likely to demonstrate traits like optimism, satisfaction and conscientiousness. On the Contrary, nighthawks are more vulnerable to depression, pessimism and neurotic behavior. In summers, morning is the best weather to go out and involve in activities. Let them do whatever interests them but make this a habit of getting up before the sun rises. They can also be lured to join early morning activities like RAAHGIRI in Connaught Place, New Delhi, which happens every Sunday.

Alarm Is On!

Alarm Is On - BlogBucket
Alarm Is On – BlogBucket

Share with your kids the benefits of getting up early, how to maintain fitness and spend summer vacations. Getting them involved and planning together will make them feel more at ease. Enjoying the early morning weather with your child can actually do wonders.


Planning is irrelevant if proper action is not taken. Physical activities will make them fitter, healthier and free from illness. They can opt according to their own wish. The recommendations are:

  • Sports

Sports - BlogBucket

Sports – BlogBucketCricket is like a religion in India. The best, suitable, reasonable and successful option is getting them join a Cricket Academy. Who knows he may go on to become the next Sachin Tendulkar. Unlike boys, girls usually prefer indoor sports. In the air-conditioned indoor space, girls can participate in basketball, Badminton or Table Tennis.

  •   Cycling
Cycling - BlogBucket
Cycling – BlogBucket

High School kids usually like to spend the evenings by riding bicycles. So it can be a blessing in disguise for them. Is your child fat? This is the time to encourage him to ride more. Research says; Cycling reduces weight when ridden regularly. It also increases the calorie consumption and the metabolic rate, which can help lose weight. Make them join local cycling groups which already exist- Pedal Yatri, Delhi Cycling Club, Noida Cycling Club.

  • Yoga

Yoga - BlogBucket

Yoga – BlogBucketYoga may sound boring to them but if done correctly can actually do wonders. It reduces anxiety, depression and stress.

  • Dancing

Dancing - BlogBucket

Dancing – BlogBucketDance is a great form of exercise, every routine is a workout. It is great for your balance and focus, which is beneficial if you play sports because your performance will increase dramatically. Dancing is always a great way to keep busy and is a lot of fun, it can be done anytime, anywhere; even in the downtown areas where everyone stares at you

  • Jogging, Running and Trekking

Jogging - BlogBucket

Jogging – BlogBucketIt is difficult to convince children and that too in summers for jogging and running. Early morning run can help burn those calories intake from last night. Trekking facility is not available everywhere but it can really help to maintain a healthy regime when out on summer vacations to hilly areas.

  • Swimming
Swimming - BlogBucket
Swimming – BlogBucket

Hitting the pool for a good few laps not only helps with the general physical fitness, but it provides a number of other benefits such as breath control and muscle toning. As they say ‘you are only one swim away from a good mood’.

  • Busy Bee

Involving everyone at home into physical activities can also help attain that fitness mark. Floor mopping, Dusting can’t be bad options. To impress dad, give them an option to wash his car.

Avoid that Junk

Avoid that Junk - BlogBucket
Avoid that Junk – BlogBucket

Eat healthily and live healthy! Although it is very difficult for children to prioritize the quality and quantity to eat .However, to shed few kilos and to maintain it, junk food if not stopped has to be curtailed. Children who prefer junk food are more prone to obesity and diseases.

Stress Busting With Meditation

Stress Busting With Meditation - BlogBucket
Stress Busting With Meditation – BlogBucket

The myth is – Children do not get stressed. The fact is Children are more stressed than adults. No exercise or diet routine works if the mind or body is stressed out. Take care of your ward and make sure heshe is not over thinking. To achieve better results meditation is the best option.

Eating healthy and maintaining fitness regimes may not only keep your child active over the summers but also recharged for a better life after the vacations. Do not forget, it is very important to develop healthy habits at a young age.

Remember – A change happens when you vow to take the initiative!

Stay Fit, Be Happy!

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