Stunning INDIA: Go With Your Heart

“Jahan Daal Daal pe sone ki chidiya karti hai basera, woh Bharat desh hai mera, woh Bharat desh hai mera”

We have all heard these words straining over the radio sometime or the other, while they are true for the Indians, what about the world?


Like the international traveler, the Indian traveler too is enticed by India. There are many mysterious places, thrilling stories, myths and legends, fascinating people with varying cultures as you travel the country. India offers something of interest to everybody.

Many foreign travelers who are attracted to India have second thoughts about their visit. Well, don’t get tense. You can avoid having bad experiences and focus on enjoying your trip. All you gotta do is remember these:

  • Health concerns:

In case of an emergency:

Carry your own first aid box containing all the things you might need in case of an emergency; bandages, band aids and medicines for a bad stomach (get tips on prevention further down), inflammation, allergies, fever etc. In this way if you get mildly ill, you can avoid the trouble of searching for a doctor or drugstore.

Avoid contaminated water:

Contaminated water contains many pathogens that are enough to make you extremely unwell. Therefore it’s better to have your own water bottle or buy bottled drinking water.

For Foodies:

Go for hot freshly -cooked food. Improperly cooked food can give you diarrhea.

  • Safety factors:

For a bathroom break:

To take a bathroom break, movie theatres are the best options to look for as they are crowded, have closed circuit TV cameras. They are also the cleanest you will find on the road. Make it a point to always carry toilet paper with you.

To help fellow travelers:

If you sympathize with beggars, then don’t give them money, instead buy them food. Pulling out money is like monetary harakiri as it will invite all the other beggars and you are also open to being robbed.

For luggage and documents:

Keep your important documents like your passport with yourself. The best would be in a thin small bag hung around your neck and concealed under your clothes. For quick reference keep a photocopy of them in a separate place.

  • Transport concerns:

When the trip begins:

While traveling, to avoid being cheated in cabs and autos, make sure that the meter is on and at ZERO at the start of the journey or the driver can rip you off, also where possible just negotiate the price.

For return tickets:

Confirm your tickets in advance to avoid getting into a nightmare

Travelling at night:

Call service taxis are better options at night especially when you are alone. Avoid empty buses or autos.

If you keep these precautionary tips in mind, you can enjoy a safer and healthier journey through India. Each and every part of India will amaze you.

The magical culture of India, its natural beauty makes it “ATULYA BHARAT”.

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