Stress Affecting Your Lex Drive

The benefits of a healthy sex life are priceless and the experts opine that a healthy sex life boosts immune system and does help one to see fewer sick days. But, we hardly know the factors affecting the sex life.

One of the most challenging threats to a hale and hearty sex life is stress, which effects to the extent of turning one asexual. Here are the other ways stress affects one’s sex life.

Can Stress Affect Your Sex Life?

  • Stress contributes to the formation of a negative body image
    The hormones produced while we are stressed, impact our body metabolism. If we feel lethargic or if we start gaining weight (unintentionally), it can make us feel bad about our physique. The moment we start disliking our body, it becomes difficult to feel aroused or to find the desire to shed clothes and jump into the bed with your partner.

  • Stress Affects Sex by Taking a Toll on Your Libido
    All of us know about the role of hormones in forming and regulating our bodies. Cortisol is one of the hormones, produced by stress. It leads to the accumulation of fat in abdomen. Our bodies require this hormone, but in small doses. Physiologists opine if the level of Cortisol starts going high for a prolonged period of time, they suppress our sex hormones.

  • Stress dampens your sex life, it makes you question your partner
    When you are stressed, you hardly want people to be around you. Nobody likes a partner who flies off the handle and shatters you because he or she is emotionally overwhelmed. Relationships and therefore sex suffer a lot when you are stressed, particularly when you stop communicating.

  • Stress and bad sex caused by excessive drinking
    Excessive and prolonged drinking makes it difficult for men to get an erection. In women, limitless drinking minimizes the chance of enjoying pleasure to its height. Alcohol dehydrates us and it makes lubrication challenging. Without lubrication, sex becomes painful and slowly the feeling of getting aroused and orgasm gets affected.

  • Stress affects fertility and menstrual cycle
    Stress influences our pituitary gland, which controls the thyroid, adrenal glands and ovaries. If due to stress, ovaries aren’t functioning properly, the menstrual cycle is likely to be adversely affected. It can affect periods and as a result, periods may become irregular and even one may stop menstruating.

  • Stress is a hindrance to female orgasm
    Stress affects the female sex drive. Excessive stress makes it difficult to reach climax naturally with ease. It is challenging for a woman to feel aroused and think about some intimacy and sex when she is stressed. Normally whatever turns you on might not work at all when you are stressed.

It is true that the smartest among the workers find it puzzling, to tackle stress and help their sex life. There are people who learn over the time to win over the stress. Now, take your call to de-stress yourself and make your sex life healthier.

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