Stop Working Hard, Women Start Working out!!!

Women are the child bearer to nurturer to companion to shelter. Yes, Indeed the many role played by the women of our generation from being a loving daughter to competitive sibling, from nurturing homemaker to the ambitious organizational head, in all these roles always the women is the affected group or in other words, women’s health gets compromised. Women’s health has been a major concern for all the communities of the world. Women’s nutrition needs to be monitored from the day of their birth till the old age.

As you are aware about the fact that the women’s body undergoes numerous changes from puberty to child bearer to childbirth and till death. Due to changing biological demands and disregard for their personal health, women have always compromised themselves at the cost of their family needs. The women is the most important section of society that needs to be uplifted for the general well being of the nation in turn.

Women’s Health issues

  • Women’s undergo bodily changes after the attainment of the puberty. Their body undergoes the periodic cycle of bleeding with pain and cramps forming an integral part of the days.
  • Women’s bear the gift of carrying and giving birth to a human life. During this process of carrying the child and post childbirth, there are certain changes happening in the mother such as sudden drastic changes in weight to prominence of the stretch marks to creation of the varicose veins in and around the legs.
  • Women’s undergo menopause that increases the tendency of the osteoporotic conditions characterized by vague bodily pains as there is decrease in the production and release of the estrogen hormone in the women’s body.
  • Women have a genetic history of breast cancer as it is also one of the most prevalent forms of cancers.
  • Women undergo increased degenerative changes because of overuse of ones body hence cases of osteoarthritis and pain due to biomechanical changes can be seen more in case of women.
  • Women also have cases of prolapsed uterus or fibroids in the uterus as the uterus undergoes repetitive periodic cycle but since after menopause there is reduction in estrogen hormone that leads to all such uterine problems.

Health Tips for women’s health

  • The most easiest way to ensure women’s health is to start an active and healthy lifestyle. Women’s health needs to be monitored by careful dietary intake of consuming calories upto 2000 kcal only. The diet of the women should be rich in calcium and vitamin D and vitamin B12 as they are the components that are lessened after the attainment of the menopause. Hence consuming diet rich in milk and milk products is of utmost importance.
  • Loosing weight in females should be a gradual process. The weight loss should be of the fat weight and not of the lean body weight or else it might lead to frequent injuries that may lead to fractures.
  • Brisk walking or yoga can be joined as it will rejuvenate the mind as well as release endorphins in the body that will help in the mood enhancement and hence make the women more stress free.

Women are integral part of our society and making them healthy is of paramount importance. So lets join hands to celebrate the womanhood and compel our mothers, sisters, friends and even companions to stop working hard and start working out.

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