Stop Drooling, Start Relishing your Iftar delicacies

Iftar, Sehri are the words that brings to mind memories of the holy and auspicious month of Ramadan. Welcome to the month of Ramadan 2017. As everyone is aware that Ramadan is the time when Muslims all over the world experience fasting to commemorate the revelation of Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammad. Ramadan is derived from the Arabic word Ramid meaning heat or dryness and fasting is necessary for all Muslims. In other words, Ramadan is the festival of fasting from sunrise till sun set. During the day, one has to undergo fasting but once the sunsets the sumptuous looking dishes to tempting sherbets to glazing desserts adores the table of every Muslim household in the form of Iftari.

Today lets journey through some of the delightful tempting gastronomic delicacies served during the holy month that brings smile to every fasting face. The delicacies range from Stew to Biryani to Sheer Korma to the sweetened phirni. Yes just the thought of these delicious list is going to make your taste bud salivate, but today lets understand how these delicacies have evolved from the traditional versions and have brought modern twist in the Iftari meal.

Zucchini, Mint and Yogurt Spread

Bring some relief from this hot humid summery evening by relishing on some minty fresh and zucchini mixed yogurt. Spread it on bruschetta or baguette and complete your auspicious fast with it.

Baba Ghanoush

Try this Middle-eastern appetizer as a tempting dip relishing the smoky creamy and smooth eggplant preparation. Add some olive oil to increase the silkiness in its texture.

Feta and Tomato Braised Chickpea

These humble yet delicious chickpeas can be glammed up by adding some creaminess of the feta to the tanginess of the tomatoes thus bringing a flavorsome dish to the table.

Vegetable Biryani

Prefer the vegetarian biryani over the non vegetarian option adding some exotic vegetables to your plate. Add some dry fruits such as raisins, cashews to bring more richness to this rice dish and glam it up.

Spiced Lamb Stew

A tempting and splendid mains dish to tempt all your guests coming over for your Iftari dinner. Simmer away the lamb broth with the exotic vegetables in a pressures cooker till the time meat gets completely off the bone. Enjoy this spicy delicacy with some raita or tangy curd and get awed by the tastiest flavors.


Prepare this Greek delicacy cum dessert by adding some rose flavored sugary water over flaky pastry that will crisp up the Iftari dinner and bring applauds from your guests for your cooking.

Sheer Khurma

Sheer Khurma or the sweet vermicelli milk is every ones grandma’s favorite delicacy. It is an age-old recipe popular in all house-hold and brings a refreshing break from this hot summer evening. For some added twist you can add saffron or kesar to add a zing to this humble recipe.


Stew is another traditional dish of Iftari. In this, it consisted of a mixture of seasonal vegetables and meat being stirred in a liquid consisting either of water, vegetable stock or the particular meat broth. The meat can range from chicken to mutton to poultry. With change in times, stew has gained fine dining experience and the vegetables have gained sophistication and meat cuts have attained finesse. Instead of the potatoes, carrots, tomatoes that used to form an integral part of the stew, nowadays, zucchini to mushrooms and more such exotic vegetables are being popularized as accompaniments to bring about the vibrancy to your fine dining stew.


Just the name of kebab brings water to your mouth and yes it’s true these humble kebabs have been a famous and most preferred dish of the Iftari time. Kebabs are available in vegetarian to non-vegetarian options thus providing everyone the joy of consuming finger licking food. The Kebabs range from chicken to vegetable kebabs to Kaghzi Kebabs. Hence kebabs definitely bring the royalty feel to the fasts of Ramadan. So enjoy the majestic feel of the Iftari evening by indulging
in some royalty kebabs.


A favorite choice of dessert to cool down in the hot and dry Ramadan month is definitely going to be a phirni. Phirni is a sweet pudding made from milk and rice and even sometimes vermicelli. The sweetness of phirni brings happiness not only to the heart but smiles on the faces during the Iftari times. Instead of a traditional phirni, the changing time is replacing it with high end and health conscious smoothies. Banana smoothies to Dates smoothies are being preferred as they are healthier. So sip on one of these smoothies and release your stres away.

Don’t worry just grab some of these delectable yet mouthwatering dishes today whether you are fasting or not and satiate your taste buds in this holy month of Ramadan!!!!!

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