Sex and Talks: Need of the Second

It is a fact that premarital sex has been increasing over the recent years and is now rampantly prevalent all over India. Research shows that 33 per cent of the youth in India, a significant portion, have had sex before marriage.

A Society in a State of Denial of Premarital Sex

The problem is that most people vehemently deny its existence within their family, neighborhood or society. The gap between the reality of the occurrence of pre-marital sex and the lack of its acceptance is immense. This unwillingness to address these issues within the society is creating a dangerous state of affairs, leaving the adolescents and youth uninformed and even more vulnerable and exposed.

A recent research by the Government of India indicates that a significant number of young population had engaged in sex without knowing much about reproductive and sexual matters. For most of them, the first time had been unsafe i.e. without contraceptives and condoms and for quite a few, especially women, the first sexual encounter had been unwanted or forced. These findings are alarming and a reason for concern. It is clear that the urban and rural youth are having unsafe sex and we are still discussing whether or not we should include sex education in the curriculum.

The Lack of Sexual Health Education

In this grim scenario of sexual health education, premarital sexual encounters are on the rise and the unaware youth tends to indulge in unsafe sex more often. In an environment of constant threat of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), unwanted pregnancy and deadly HIV/AIDS, there is an urgent need to sensitize parents and teachers and the younger generation about the ill-effects of unprotected sex.
Taking care of Unwanted Pregnancy

Taking care of Unwanted Pregnancy

The option to reach out for help and get the correct advice in a non-judgmental manner is imperative to ensure better reproductive sexual health. Faced with the stigma attached to pregnancy outside marriage, people seek abortions in unscrupulous back street clinics that can lead to life threatening complications. Establishments like the Marie Stopes Clinics provide safe abortions in a discreet and convenient manner. Emergency contraceptive pills, often called morning after pills, are most commonly used method today to prevent pregnancy. But these have to be taken under the guidance of a health care practitioner as this process of abortion has many side effects and complications.

Let’s Talk Safe Sex

Because sex before marriage is such a social taboo in India, there is only little reliable information reaching the young and inexperienced. It’s essential to talk about safe sex more than no sex at all. We need to build an atmosphere of easy dialogue and an attitude of acceptance of sex before marriage.

The writings on the wall, the facts and figures concerning premarital sex are very clear. So let’s face the truth and start talking about sex to ensure that there is a free flow of information that promotes safe sex among the younger generation.

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