Beach Sex – Love Making on Tides

An mind-boggling day, Lusty breeze and the sound of flutter waves – it’s all very seductive and magnet. This is the reason ‘Beach Sex’ is on the top of list  for the one who love to love. You do not have to plot it ; feeling may embrace you into being rowdy with your partner. So, when nothing can stop you from overpassing from the box of your reverie , be prepared to feel the fire of your love at a place where you can be a calm veiwer of the untouched essence of hearts.

The hours of darkness are ideal for making love because usually there’s no one around to interrupt. Beach Sex is not something you do often as there is a prospect involved. I know that this one is going to make me vibrant like a real party pooper, but you should at least be familiar of the potential legal ramification of your beach tryst, especially if you’re in a foreign land. So, now when essence are high and you have made your mind to surf the waves of love, here are some of the things you need to consider before going for the sex on the beach. Supplies you’ll need:

  • Towels
  • Condoms (It’s safer)
  • Clean up wipes
  • A plastic bag (maybe for condoms, etc.)

If you use condoms and leave them at the beach after your deed, you deserve to have your genitals infested with sandhopper. 


The first thing you need to do is to find a potential locations to do the deed.  Try to find out little coves or large rocks for beach sex. If you are at a particular beach for some days, you can walk around looking for areas that are less populated. Look out for a stretch of sand that’s undisturbed and preferably accessible by one entrance so that you can watch out for the danger of being caught. Use Google Maps/ trip advisor / location-finder to find nooks you might not have noticed otherwise.

Sand is your enemy - BlogBucket
Sand is your enemy – BlogBucket

Having your genitals exposed anywhere near the sand is a call for disaster. Sand might seem like a fairly harmless substance when it’s stuck to your feet, but it’s an entirely different stuff when it’s all up in your most sensitive territory. To avoid sand crotch, bring a beach blanket that can fit both of you comfortably.

Position yourself wisely

Position yourself wisely - BlogBucket
Position yourself wisely – BlogBucket

Despite what the movies show, missionary is not at all perfect for beach sex. For the perfect love-making positions on the Beach I suggest spooning because if you’re in a bathing suit, it’s easy to move your bottoms sideways. You can also try sitting on his lap facing him and enfolding your legs around his body. Make sure to drape a towel around your shoulders for privacy. Do watch out for crabs, shellifish, and sillies. It is always better to have two or three arrows in your glitter to leave your lover astonished with your perpetual LOVE and end your perfect night with perfection. Under the dark sky amidst the crashing waves of the ocean with the glittering stars above, gently whisper:

“Sunset comes, you take my hand, lead me to the beach,
We wade among the waves and dance out of their reach.
Playfully, I splash you, and laugh at your surprise
And quickly dodge your grasp as you plot my demise.
Intrigued by what you promise, I stop my flight and turn,
It’s so clear to see that for your threats I yearn.
You pull me close and kiss me, gently bite my lip,
Caress my supple skin with tender fingertips.

Beach Sex - Love Making on Tides - BlogBucket
Beach Sex – Love Making on Tides – BlogBucket

Easily you remove my dress, it slides to my feet,
Shivers dance along my spine as skin on skin we meet.
You lower me to the ground, against the cool, damp sand,
And slowly drive me crazy, desire built by your hand.
In teasing exploration, your hands caress my breast,
Your lips follow in tandem, leaving me breathless.
I arch into you as you touch my aching need,
Your shallow thrusts bring climax with such crushing speed.
You halt me on the edge, soaking up my cry,
Softly kiss my lips, and thrust yourself inside.
Your sigh satisfies me, I respond with a rich moan,
They rise as you take me, twining with your groan.

At first you’re slow and tender, but passion takes its course,
Your pace quickens, driving on with powerful, gathering force.
In perfect agony, I cry, your name slips from my lips,
I feel you tense in readiness, your hands upon my hips.
Together, we reach our peak, and ride out passion’s crest,
Heartbeats sound loudly from exertion-tightened chest.
Intent to take me farther, you allow me to command,
Bringing me above you, your back against the sand.
I take you deep inside me until our union is complete,
I watch you shiver wildly, your skin flushed through with heat.
My strokes are slow and even to deeply pleasure you,
You spur me on as passion’s heat once more is renewed.

I tighten around your blade and feel your body jerk,
As I take you faster, time ceases to work.
Easily, we climax, and I fall into you,
You hold me close and kiss me until trembling is through.
The waves gently kiss us, cooling our flushed skin,
We lay close together, content in peace again.
Sunset now has passed, and you still have much to teach,
The night will pass in wondrous sex on the beach.”


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