Sensuous Love and Sex

A brewing passion!

Awe for some, Desire for all! – Sensuous Love and Sex

A moment of sexual ecstasy exhilarates your mind, body and soul. Antique arts, Kamasutra or Sculptures of Khajuraho reveal the immense intimacy and passion we have had since ancient times. Sensuous Love is more about intimacy rather than just ‘Sex’. It’s about lighting up all your five senses all at once .It’s about two people being with each other fully in the here and now. It’s about bringing sensuality back in bed and into love.

Talking about love, the Indian God of love Kamadeva, uses jasmine flowers to tip his arrows to arouse love between the couple. Its fragrance arouses tenderness.

One of the easiest ways to enhance your moments of love is with aromatherapy. It has been proven that Aroma therapy reaches the deepest human nature and emotions. The power of Aroma therapy influences our chemical response which affects the nervous and hormonal systems.

Sensuous Love

Ignite all your senses and immerse yourself.

  • Sense of Sight: What you see excites instantly! Get the best physique and curvaceous curves to excite your partner. Trust me your partner will be overwhelmed by your fascinating naked beauty. And for those with heavy thighs and heavy curves go for glossy lingerie. Take suggestions from your partner before you buy your lingerie. It’s not important what YOU like, what matters is what your partner would LOVE to see!
  • Sense of Smell: Sense of smell is most evoking of all the senses.Imagine the aura of scented candles or the aroma of exotic flowers. Whether used in the art of seduction or mentioned in Kamasutra, different essential oils and scents has been used to attract lovers since ancient times.

    • Rose Essential Oil: Sensual fragrance of Rose adds life to romance. Rose oil boosts your libido. Also it reduces sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction.Give your partner a soothing massage experience with Rose Oil.
    • Jasmine Essential Oil: Studies have proved that Jasmine has a great therapeutic powers. You can easily seduce your partner with Jasmine Oil. And don’t forget What the Indian God of Love,Kama uses! Jasmine boosts energy and lift up the mood. Use this therapy while taking bath. Few drops of Jasmine oil with sandalwood, citrus oil and some rose petals in the bath tub will do wonders.
    • Lavender Essential Oil: It gives the utmost relaxation and builds up those sensuous hormones. Use it as a scent and feel the experience of Love.
    • Sandalwood Essential Oil: Do you desire enhanced sexual performance? Then this is the right choice. Use Sandalwood oil on your skin during foreplay and intensify the excitement.
    • YlangYlang Essential Oil: This essential oil stirs up the romance between the couple. It not only intensifies libido but also increases attraction between the lovers. A cotton bud dipped in YlangYlang oil creates the magic.
    • Patchouli Essential oil: Made famous as the love potion of the 70s love revolution, It stimulates the sex glands and results in increasing libido and sexual response. This oil is considered as the powerful attraction scent .
  • Sense of Touch: Remember the first time when you touched your delightful partner? Can you ever forget that first tender touch? Do not ever miss the sense of touch during love making. It not only arouses your senses but also make your partner feel special! Extend and enhance foreplay by giving each other a sensuous massage. It gives stronger erections and better orgasms. Touching the most sensitive areas gives the greatest pleasure


  • Sense of Hearing: Avoid talking stupid. Speak about your fantasies. A dirty whisper in soft voice can awaken all the senses. Choose sensuous music or make a playlist of those songs that makes you feel sexier. As long as music is making the environment romantic, make it more sensual.


  • Sense of taste: Any bad taste can ruin the whole intimate experience. Go for flavored lip glosses. Also before making love take shower with an erotic shower gel. For all you men out there, Gone are the days when you relied upon strawberries. Chocolate wines champagne are some Aphrodisiacs that help to increase the pleasures of the senses.

Try something new every time to make your love exciting and more erotic!

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