Poisioning Yourself Daily! Check How ?

Curb the sugar in your diet, stay healthy and in shape! 

Increasing our awareness about what we eat is helping to stay fit and healthy. However, even though we know the side effects of many products we consume in our daily lives, we deliberately ignore them. It may be the easy availability of these products and our fondness of them that causes many health problems.

Mostly Indian food is either highly sweet or salty and both the ingredients are very harmful to the body when used in excess. Do you know that sugar affects our body and mind in most powerful ways?  The ingredients that are present in sugar contain no nutrients, no healthy fats, no proteins, no minerals, and no enzymes. All it contains is calories.  Sugar was never considered to be a part of any ‘Food group’. So eliminating sugar from our diet does not deprive us of any nutrition.  Although sugars that are naturally available in many vegetables and fruits are enough for a healthy lifestyle.


Sugar is a mixture of glucose and fructose. Eminent doctors say that fructose is very harmful. Here are some of the disadvantages of sugar and sugar related health problems

  • Diabetes:  

Too much Sugar increases the risk of Diabetes. This chronic disease happens when the body has to deal with high blood sugar levels. The high level of sugar in the blood leads to the release of too much insulin inducing a feeling of tiredness.

  • High Blood Pressure:

Too much Sugar makes the blood thick and sticky. The usual perception is that if one is suffering from high blood pressure, one should not eat food loaded with salt. However, the fact is, sugar is just as harmful as salt for the people with hypertension. Along with this sugar causes heart disease.


  • Brain:

Excessive sugar stops the proper functioning of the Brain. When we consume sugar, the bacteria in the intestines, responsible for manufacturing B vitamin complexes, begin to diminish and glutamic acid is not processed. This causes sleeplessness and decreases our calculative capability and reduces the ability of short-term memory function. Sugar also causes massive Dopamine release in the brain that can damage brain cells.

  • Obesity:

Sugar is stored as fat in the body. People with obesity problems develop risk of Type 2 diabetes and fatty liver.

  • Gallstone  :

Sugar disturbs the balance of essential minerals required for the proper functioning of body. When these minerals become disturbed, the level of calcium becomes toxic, and begins to be deposited in the body, sometimes also in the gallbladder.  This creates gallstone disease a side effect of sugar.

  • Osteoporosis And Tooth Decay :

A heavily sugary diet makes us osteoporotic, characterized by a decrease in bone mass and density and tooth decay as the calcium in our body is used to neutralize the effects of sugar. As sugar has got no nutrients, it adds no essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes to the body. The lack of nutrients that can be used to metabolize sugar makes the body week and lessens its ability to remove poisonous residues.

  • kidney disease:

As sugar causes obesity and diabetes, both are responsible for risk of kidney disease!

Processed Sugar is sweet poison and responsible for many sugar related health problems, control it in your diet to stay healthy and disease free.



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