Pesticides in Organic Food. How to Make Your Vegetables Pesticide Free?


How to Remove Pesticides from Fruit and Vegetables to avoid Cancer.

A daily spectacle at Bathinda railway station: Patients headed to a specialty cancer hospital, jostle for seats in the ‘Cancer Express’. The train got its name from the sudden rise in cancer cases in the state of Punjab and the reason is the extreme over use of pesticides and chemicals in farming.

The number of cancer cases is spiraling at a rapid pace in India and one of the main reasons is the excessive and uncontrolled use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers during the cultivation of fruits and vegetable. Gallbladder Cancer , Kidney/Renal Cancer, Leukemia,  Liver/Hepatic Cancer,  Lymphoma , Mouth Cancer , Esophageal Cancer ,Ovarian Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer,  Stomach Cancer , Thyroid Cancer are just a few deadly and painful diseases linked to the presence of pesticides in our diet due to the use of pesticides in farming.


In non organic food, Chemical deposits stick more to waxy or soft-skinned fruits. If the produce has been coated with wax, pesticide residues may be trapped underneath the wax. It has become very essential to remove pesticide chemicals before consuming food.  Here are some methods to remove pesticides from food and vegetables:

  • Washing: According to The National Institute of Nutrition 75% to 80% of pesticide residue on agricultural produce can be removed simply by washing them in cold water. Always soak the fruits and veggies in water for 5-10 minutes before washing them thoroughly with the cold water. Holding the fruit or vegetable under flowing water removes far more than just immersing the produce. Rubbing soft items like tomatoes and peaches or scrubbing foodstuffs like potatoes with a firm brush while holding them under running water works best to get rid of chemicals.
  • Peeling: Peeling the fruits and vegetables is another effective way to remove pesticide residues.
  • Soak in Vinegar: Soak the fruits and vegetables in a vinegar solution (10 percent of white Vinegar with 90 percent of water) and rinse thoroughly.
  • Blanching: Blanching is another process to remove pesticide residues. Leave the vegetables in the hot water for a short period before rinsing in running water.
  • Turmeric: A simple way of getting rid of pesticide and chemicals is soaking the cut vegetables and fruits in a turmeric water solution. As turmeric, well-known for its anti-toxin properties, expels this unwanted residue.


  • Commercial produce wash: These commercial produce wash are readily available in the market. Soak the vegetables and fruits in these solutions. They are not only effective but also safe.
  • Go Organic: If possible, go for organic fruits and vegetables. Why is organic food better? No doubt they are expensive but they are produced without the use of pesticides and taste much better.
  • Grow vegetables and fruits of your own:  the best way to ensure that there are no pesticides in vegetables is to make use of your garden, backyard or balcony to grow the vegetables and fruits of your own. They are not only organic but you know what exactly you are eating!

By ensuring that our fruits and vegetables are washed well, we can make our food pesticide free and safeguard ourselves from many fatal diseases!

And the greatest gift you can give your loved ones is a healthy you. 

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