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Anti Aging Foods

The edible fountain of youth We have, throughout the ages, been on a constant hunt for the fountain of youth. We need to look no further than our dining table. Flavonoids and…


Must – Have Hand Tools in Your Home

Moving into a new home is one of the best feelings and achievements one can attain in their life. Imagine this: you live in a space of your own where you can…


Being Intimate but Not Having Sex

Who says, being intimate is all about sex! There are many other ways to literally go intimate with a person, you love the most. There are circumstances when you might want to…


Traveling With Your Best Buddy, You’r Pet!

They wake you up early in the morning with their cozy hugs and cuddles. They bring you your newspaper and sit by your feet sincerely. They bark at all those random strangers…


Say bye bye to Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a predominant condition affecting a vast majority of people. Earlier osteoarthritis was associated only with aging or older population. But with increased luxurious and decreased activity or in other words…

Why people use Braille slate - BlogBucket

Why people use Braille slate?

A slate and stylus is a small-size mechanical device made for writing Braille by hand. A Braille slate is designed in a pocket-sized or desktop two-part hinged device. The top part of…


Good Night Food

Hey! It’s 11’o Clock. I am feeling damn hungry. My…


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