Predicting Travel (Journey)

From feeling a destination through virtual-reality to feasting on celebrity-chef cuisine on the go, these are travel predictions as to how we’ll be travelling in 2017. Check out what goals are on…


India’s Daughter, PROUD TO BE A WOMAN

“NIRBHAYA” means fearless. On hearing this name only one image comes to our mind. We have given so many new names to Jyoti Singh like Damini, Amaanat, Desh kiBeti, India’s Daughter and…


Facts About Sex From History

Lions do it. Monkeys do it. Birds do it. Humans do it. In fact, humans have done it always, since the dawn of time. I am talking about the most overrated act…


10 Things to remember Having First SEX

Sex! Yes, it catches our attention every time we see or hear this word. The whole world seems to talk about it all the time or at least think about it; the…


Good Night Food

Hey! It’s 11’o Clock. I am feeling damn hungry. My…


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