All about Oral Sex that you need to know

Oral sex or fellatio is a sexual activity in which a person caresses genitals of his/her partner using their mouth or throat. Oral sex or cunnilingus is not anything new to the world, Egyptians, Greek, Romans, Indians and many others have been doing since ancient times. Kamasutra, a book on human sexual behavior describes oral sex in detail. An entire chapter is dedicated to oral sex called “auparishtaka,” or “oral congress.”
Every sexual activity has its own pros and cons and they vary from person to person. Oral sex is known to be an important part of a sex life.

Here are some of the facts, advantages, and disadvantages of indulging in the activity of oral sex:

  • HIV and STD’s
Oral Sex
Oral Sex

Indulging in oral sex with an infected person can lead to the contraction of STD’s or HIV. Vaginal fluids, semen, and breast milk are the potential carriers of such diseases. The receiver during the oral sex is less likely to catch the diseases as compared to the performer. Lesions, bleeding gums and ulcers make the situation worse and increase the chance of getting the disease during the course of oral sex. The virus and bacteria can also be transmitted through cuts, openings, sores, mucous membranes (mouth, anus, vagina) on the body.

  • Herpes

Herpes can easily be transmitted from genitals to mouth or mouth to genitals during the act of oral sex.

  • Gonorrhea

Exposure to vaginal or seminal fluids infected with gonorrhea are the cause of these infections, however, oral sex is often not listed under a medium of the transmission of this disease, but a rise in the number of cases of Gonorrhea worldwide has compelled experts to mark oral sex as a possible medium of passing the disease.Oral sex acts as a foreplay helps women in achieving an orgasm sooner.There is no risk of pregnancy, even if women gulp down the semen, so enjoy sexual pleasure without worrying about pregnancy. It is great for people who hate latex or rubber during sex.

Lick her senseless with a short burst of energy and then return to the flat, still tongue, waiting for yet another opportune moment to spring to life again.Oral sex is an alternative to the penetrative sex and hence reduces the fear of getting pregnant while making love.It is an easy home remedy for premature ejaculation. Oral sex helps a lot in curing erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Stress relief is the major benefit of indulging in fellatio or cunnilingus. It allows partners to come closer and develop trust in each other.

Most of the women find the taste of the semen like fresh oysters, creamy chlorine cleanser, soap, slimy pool water, balloons, black truffle, etc., this holds back some women from engaging in oral sex.

Try to improve the taste of the semen by changing your lifestyle a bit, so that nothing stops you from loving each other till the end.

  • Eat Clean

Do not eat anything that you would prefer not eating before going on a date. Food like garlic, onion, red meat, asparagus and broccoli will make your semen extremely pungent. Drinking alcohol, smoking weed, doing drugs, and drinking coffee adds a lot of bitterness in your semen. Eat a lot of fruits because fruit sugar is capable of changing the taste of the semen to an extent. Drink pineapple juice, lemon juice and add wheatgrass, parsley, peppermint extract, cinnamon for extra spice.

  • Make an oral sex safer for yourself and your partner

Use condoms or latex to have safe sex and men should try not to ejaculate in partner’s mouthIf there are sores, discharge or bad smell associated with the genitals, it’s high time to stop doing sex to save yourself from STD’s.

There is strong co-relation between oral sex and herpes. Avoid aggressive and deep thrusting in oral sex, which can damage throat tissues and increase susceptibility for throat-based gonorrhea, herpes, and abrasions.Avoid using harsh mouth fresheners as they may destroy the delicate skin of the mouth and create a good gateway for viruses to enter your body.

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