Nurture the leaders of Tomorrow!!!!

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” Quoted by Stacia Tauscher, dancer and artist.

This statement in itself is a powerful verbal declaration to explain about the current situation of the children being exposed to labor and violence. The children are the future leaders who will take the responsibility of a household, community and of a nation. But if these children are deprived of their basic human rights then that will definitely affect their blooming physique and deteriorate their erupting mental knowledge.

12th June is celebrated as the World DAY AGAINST CHILD LABOR as commissioned by the International Labor Organization to raise awareness and activism against the ill effects of child labor. The world day against child labor was founded by, ILO in 2002 to eliminate the child labor from the world and focus on the harmonious development of the child to make him the leader of the future. The focus of 2017 World day against child labor is on the impact of conflicts and disasters that promote child labor.

As you all are aware that there is mass destruction happening in the world right now. If you look at the Syrian War or the 2017 Westminster Attacks in London, the survivor from the attack will be a child but his future seems bleak, not only because of the physical injuries but emotional imbalance and mental havoc created by such incidents. About 168 million children engaged in child labor live in areas infested with war and conflicts according to the data generated by the ILO.

Conflicts and wars bring destruction of the property, life, and even infrastructure. The most easily targeted population at such times is always the children. Their present gets molested, past seems like a memory to them and have no hope of their future. The children are supposed to become the protectors of the world but due to some unethical practices they become the laborers of today. Children who are supposed to spend their time in reading books, playing their heart out are given the burden of the labor that brings only danger to their future. Child is the father of tomorrow. Yes, it is aptly said and should be practiced. If the seeds of prosperity and happiness are sown in the life of a child then we can reap the effects of development and growth once the child becomes a man to shoulder the responsibilities of the future. So the need of the hour is to protect the rights of the child, harbor happiness and promote growth for the children. The happiness incurred today will bring development tomorrow.

To help these children have a bright and succeeding future, many non-governmental organizations have cropped up. Some of these NGO’s such as the Child Rights and You has been actively protecting the rights of the future leaders. BHUMI is another such initiative that imparts education to the under privileged children thus brining a difference in their life. Bachpan Bachao Andolan is yet another example that works in this field to promote and protect the rights of children and gives them hopes for a bright future. Donations to these charities, is also tax exempted. Through your small deeds of donations, you can bring difference in the life of these children.

Lets join hands and create a world where child labor should not be acceptable. Say No to Child Labor and yes to development.

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  1. This post is absolutely so spot on! Children are indeed the leaders of tomorrow and we should discourage child-labor by all means.
    Thanks for sharing!

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