No Money, Still want to Go On Trip with Friends? Find How To Plan

Exploring with Friends

Hey! Have you heard about the latest update??


Our seniors are planning to go on a college trip. We too should go on a trip.

Let’s decide an amazing place.

Cool! But friends! What about the budget?

Leave this yaar, just think about families. Will they allow us?”

Travelling is always the best time to enjoy and explore, especially when you are going out with friends. Nothing can be compared to that excitement of going to the most happening places with our best buddies. Counting bucks which you saved from your pocket money, shopping for cool dresses and accessories, whole night packing and many such moments raise the excitement.

One can’t wait for that moment when we fly in an open sky without any boundaries, no restrictions to wear uniform, immaturity but with responsibility, no worries about luxury, sleepless night and yawning mornings and last but not least memorable moments for the lifetime.

Yes! This is what we all want.

College trips are one of the most special events of our lives. We experience a whole new world, new rules, new freedom, new people and unexplored places. College trips are a great way to help us come closer to each other and strengthens the bond of friendship. This event of a lifetime turns into an opportunity of a lifetime. Youngsters can travel to different parts of the country, see new things and meet new people. Here, we suggest to you the top seven destinations across India that you should travel with your college friends:

Road Trip through Beautiful Mountains “Leh & Ladhak” – If you love to ride a bike then it is the best place to visit with your rocking buddies. The mountains, valleys and calmness can make your trip quite memorable.

Rafting “Rishikesh” – Adventurous place for all those who love to do rafting, rock climbing, trekking & hiking.

Love On Beach “Goa” – Lovely places for party animals who loves to drink and dance.

State Of Forts , Culture , Royality “Jaipur” – An Amazing place with the traditional feel of royalty and local flavours.

Ski from  “Auli” – It is known as the Second Switzerland of the World. If a bunch of you all can’t afford a trip to Switzerland, then Auli is the best place for you to go.

Living Wildlife “Corbett National Park” – If you love the nature and want to explore the wildlife, then this is the right place for you where you can get all the adventure.

State Of Food, Dance , Culture and Hero “Punjab” – A heart capturing city where you can rediscover brotherhood with the wholesome, delicious, finger–licking dishes.

These are the places where you can enjoy to the fullest without emptying your pockets. So, sit together, plan and go ahead for the journey of the lifetime.


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  1. Yay! I love travelling…..especially with friends (such a memorable one it always is ;). Thanks for this suggestion; it’s surely a must visit now when I visit India 😉

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