New Year’s Resolution Ideas

New Year’s Day or to be simply called as New Year is celebrated on January 1. In pre-Christian Rome, under the Julian calendar, this day was dedicated to Janus who is a God of gateways and beginnings. The month name ‘January’ was also named after Janus. Worshipping him let’s all pray for our new beginnings and take some resolutions for the achievement of our goals.

To achieve your goals you can prioritize and channelize your energy towards the achievement of the same. Promise yourself to break free from some habits and en route yourself to some new roads. Here are some elite New Year Resolutions:

Fitness Goals

Fitness Goals - BlogBucket
Fitness Goals – BlogBucket

In the era of getting and delivering everything supersonic, we want our fitness too. With this mindset sometimes we take up decisions that might give what we desire in minimal time but also comes with consequences at a higher risk. So take out some time for yourself, your body. Get yourself enrolled in Gym, Yoga and meditation centers, Be a part of some outdoor activity like sports, or start the diet you have been thinking of. Spend some time with Mother Nature. Do what suits you but don’t let yourself deviate from your fitness.

Travel Goals

Travel Goals - BlogBucket
Travel Goals – BlogBucket

We have often heard of the excuse ‘Can’t come to have lots of work to do’. Work never stops and there is never a good time to travel. To travel just the zeal is enough. After visiting different places, the perspective tends to change and even we feel energize highly motivated to work. And Henry Miller has truly said ‘One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.’ Pen down the places you have been planning to but kept postponing due to work or other reasons. A little attention can make your journey the best one.

Relationship Goals

Relationship Goals - BlogBucket
Relationship Goals – BlogBucket

If you have been avoiding a reunion with family and friends, here’s a new year to patch up with all the people that matter to you and relive the moments. Family and friends are indispensable in life. Take out some time and you won’t regret it ever. A relationship is like a plant you need to keep watering then and now for it to grow healthy. Work upon your relationships by caring and understanding your important ones. Maintain a balance between your personal and professional life.

Social Media Goals

Social Media Goals - BlogBucket
Social Media Goals – BlogBucket

In this digital world don’t relegate yourself from social media. Your posts are not mandatory to be everyone to everything, but a little presence is necessary in terms of what you truly believe in, what you actually are, and what genuinely matters to you. Expressing yourself is sometimes all the therapy you need and you never know what it may bring to you: An opportunity, a meeting or a long lost friend or some new friends. Being quiescent on social media will not help and neither an enthused would. Share joy, happiness but not rumors.

Work Goals

Work Goals - BlogBucket
Work Goals – BlogBucket

‘Be stubborn about your goals but flexible about your methods’ Experiment with the methods and you might create history. Be a little disciplined and sincere about your work. Clear work headed!!!

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