Never Ending Motorcycle Trip

Plan for Your Ignited Wanderlust

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” he must have anticipated the apprehensions popping out of the mind of a traveller today.

Many travellers would agree that there is nothing as overwhelming as the feeling of loading up and fleeing to a new world on a motorbike. I have met such travellers who just flit away without preparing well for their journey, without giving it a second thought and that’s the thrill of being a traveller. This spontaneity, uninhibitedness and candour is all what it takes to be a traveller after all. But that pleasure is put on the line if things on the roads go nasty and repugnant. No matter how many worlds you have travelled and how many miles you have covered, that ‘single step’ is essential. No, I am not talking just about buying a new pair of shoes or getting your bike tank refilled. I am referring to the most fundamental aspect of a trip, planning.

What do you need to know about planning? Well, Lots! But, hey! Not so much to disturb your impromptu trips. Many prospective travellers are put off because they think there is too much to plan and prepare for, so they drop the idea that very moment. The truth is that anyone who has a valid driving license and a well-maintained motorcycle can make one’s escape easier. And there is nothing like the feeling of knowing that you have covered all bases for the life on the road. Here are some useful suggestions to travel in an organized way.

Why Go?

If you dream of meeting new people, exploring new places, alluring distant lands, cultures, smells and sights, seeing wild animals in their natural splendours, having mindblowing adventures, then go for it.

Gear Up!

Get the mobike that makes your ride a piece of cake. Go for the most comfortable motor bike. You must know how to control your bike in tough conditions on road. Keep a track of tyres and tubes before you embark on your journey. Gear up with motorcycle luggage gear, a crash helmet, spares and tools, first aid kit and repair kit.

Put your Papers in Place

Keep your driving license, vehicle registration papers, visas, passports, maps, guides and other certificates handy. Get them photocopied as well. Paperwork saves you from making a “Help! My mobike’s been cooped up by the police” phone call. Do you have your medical insurance certificate with you? No, then get it at once. If you are fleeing for a greater period of time, make sure your papers do not expire and land you in jail, busted.

Detour the Tour

Travel with theme, this will help you sort the places you wish to navigate. Themes can be indigenous locations, wildlife destinations, highways, mountains, beaches and the likes. Fuel your wanderlust and just chalk out the road.


Be equipped with GPS routes and tracking gadgets, in case you don’t want to get lost. But if you are an old school traveller, then an Eicher Road Atlas map is a must have. Plan your budget and keep some extra resources with you. Keep a stock of recyclable trash bags.

Riding, backpacking, hitchhiking, exploring places or just wandering…all can be made a reconnoitre of pleasure and contentment if we take that first step of planning before stepping on the gas.

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