Multiple Platforms for Mobile App Development with Xamarin

With the popularity of cross-platform app in the IT industry, more and more developers are using the best cross platform app for game creation and mobile app. When it comes to game development, cross-platform frameworks and game engines like LibGDX, Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4 are holding the leading position firmly. On the other hand, when it comes to mobile app development, shared code for all the leading platforms started to gain popularity. With so many prevailing frameworks out there, Xamarin has become the foremost choice of many developers. It enables native applications by providing a particular compiler for every platform. However, when looking for Xamarin app development India, it is important to understand its concepts.

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a leading development platform that permits you to write native applications for Windows Phone, Android, and iOS in.NET and C#. It offers C# binding to iOS APIs and native Android. This provides you the control to use iOS and Android native user interface, graphics, notifications and phone features by using C#.

In the mobile app’s multi-platform development, it is crucial to rewrite the code from the beginning for each platform i.e. Android and iOS. Xamarin enables developers to write the code of cross-platform in C# where you can put a piece of code that will execute common functions on all platforms available. Although, developers gave all usability and capabilities of.NET libraries and C# languages available that allows Xamarin to offer access to native mechanism and SDK platform for creating UI.

Common Platforms Supported by Xamarin

In order to write iOS apps, it is important that you have either Mac or any reasonable facsimile. When it comes to Xamarin app development India, you have to make sure that Xamarin provides three choices:

  • Using Xamarin Studio on Windows – Rather than using Visual Studio, Xamarin offers IDE: Xamarin studio. It offers a world class development environment like a visual studio in order to accelerate the effort of your development. Also, the iOS applications testing needs networked Mac access.
  • Using Visual Studio – When you use the visual studio on windows, you can easily develop Android and iOS applications on your Windows computer. Also, to test iOS apps, you have to access to a networked Mac that provides deployment services.
  • Using Xamarin on a Mac – If you are developing apps for Android and iOS then this is the best option you could have. The studio of Xamarin is integrated with Xcode and that makes testing as well as designing of iOS apps easy.

Working of Xamarin on Different Platforms

Xamarin uncovered all the APIs accessible in iOS and Android to your application as normal C# class libraries. Moreover, your applications approach a completely practical usage of the.NET runtime, which is packaged with your application so your code executes with all the power of C# and.NET, for example, memory management, and so forth. When you are prepared to compile the application for every stage, Xamarin produces an ARM binary for iOS and exploits in the nick of time assemblage for Android. As Xamarin applications are gathered to local double, they can perform with no execution corruption that you may anticipate from cross-compiled applications.

Perhaps, Xamarin has become one of the leading cross-platform mobile app frameworks that are based on the concept of Write once, Run anywhere (WORA). It has become a preferred framework for Windows app, Android and iOS development that allow apps development for different platforms using a sole programming language. Based on C# programming technology it can also be used in the cross-platform mobile applications development for Android. Moreover, these apps are built with native APIs and UI in order to deliver the best performance.


With each passing day, Xamarin is gaining wide popularity. This platform lets you reap benefits of both.NET and C# that makes it a customizable technology. When you use Xamarin, you will see a number of operational software overhead. However, when you hire Xamarin app development India, you should know that they can build native cross-platform mobile apps for Windows, Android and iOS with faster time and cost effectiveness using the robust Xamarin app development platform.

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