Milestones that shape a baby into a reasonable human

Babies have to go a long way before they finally become a grown-up kid and every single step throughout the process is essential. There are milestones for a baby to achieve before they develop into a good one. Here are 9 Essential activities also referred to as Baby Milestones that a little one should reach in time.

Pulling their body to Stand Up

This is one of the first signs that a parent will see in a baby, the best time is when the baby is in between 9 to 10 months of age. You can help them by placing a toy or ball they usually play with at some distance; this will encourage them in pulling their body up and reaching for the toy/object.


Babbling - BlogBucket
Babbling – BlogBucket

Babbling is what comes to natural to every baby in the first stage, later comes the talking part. The baby after he or she has reached the 6 months stage tries using his/her tongue to make different sounds. They will try babbling as a medium to say yes or no for something they want or dislike. Every baby starts the babbling thing when they are 6 months old and above, if not then you can consult your doctor.

Grabbing and sensing things

Playing with the babies is an essential step in helping them develop; it is a part of the teaching process. You can play with them with the help of your fingers while they are infants from 0 to 3 months old. Once they are toddlers, you can use toys to help them learn to grab and to reach for the toys. For example, using colorful socks and rattles for them to sense a noise when the rattle is being pressed. If you have toys to buy, then you can get it discounts by applying the DealVoucherz discount code.

The Emotional Milestone

This one and some people forget noticing it, but it develops quite quickly. For example, babies react to when their mothers walk out of the room or drop them back to their bed. Usually, when the baby becomes 12 months old, he or she starts recognizing their people like family and shows them affection. They might fear to go to a stranger.

First Word Milestone

The cooing of a baby is a common trait, and in no time, it is used as a medium for them to show their disinterest, and then comes babbling, and the last milestone is the first word. A baby usually starts talking when he ages to 12 months and above; they learn a word which becomes the only word they speak for a long time until they learn other words. For example, it can be Ba, Ma, Hi, Da etc.

The Movement

The Movement - BlogBucket
The Movement – BlogBucket

Well, this milestone is the first action you see a baby do other than crying/cooing, it is the jerky movement which every baby of 1 to 3 months old does. It is when they start moving their hands without knowing how to use it like they scratch their face or hurt it. It is when the babies are advised to wear hand covers so that they don’t hurt themselves.

The Smiling Milestone

A baby learns to smile which of course is the cutest thing to see or notice. We love it when our babies smile and the right age to be in between 1 and 2 months. One even refers to it as a social smile, and they do it when they are bonding with their family members. It is also known as the first form of communication between a parent and a child; it is just like cooing. The baby can smile anytime, anywhere.

Grasping and Picking things

When your baby reaches the time gap of 7 to 8 months, that is the time he or she uses his hands in grasping and picking stuff like a toy or any object. When you place objects in front of them more often, you encourage them to achieve or work on their milestone better. And, with this by the time of 12 months he or she assesses their motor skills.

Pretending to play alike

Babies develop this early habit of imitating and playing by doing precisely what they see others do. For example, trying to speak what you just spoke, or pretending to act as their parents do. It usually happens around the time of 18 to 21 months old. It helps them learn the things that help them in their growth process. It is the reason why a rich environment helps them grow better.

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