Mathura to Gokul – Janam of Lord Krishna

Janmashtami is the celebration of the Lord Krishna in to this world to end the unrighteousness and evils commited by the King Kans. The celebration and story behind Krishna Janmashtami is an interesting one. The festival of janmashtami is celebrated to commemorate the birth of right to finish the reign of the evil. Indded, for this to happen Lord Vishnu incarnated on the planet Earth in the humanly form of Lord Krishna. With the birth of Lord Krishna, the period to bring justice to the needy and stopping the evil to rule had been started. The birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated with great vigor and celebrations in the Hindus all over the world.

Janam of Lord Krishna

The story of the birth of Lord Krishna resumed from the day when Devaki and Vasudeva, the official parents of Lord Krishna got married. The brother of Devaki, King Kans was an influential and evil king ruling the province of Mathura creating havoc and fear among its kingdom and committing wrong over the entire kingdom. At the time to bid adieu to his sister, there was a sudden celestial announcement or akashvani about the birth of the child of Devaki and Vasudeva who will bring justice to the kingdom and bring solace to the people of the society by executing King Kans. From the announcement, King Kans became horrified and wanted to change the future by putting his sister and his brother in law in jail and killing their children as soon as they were born. This happened till 7 children after which Lord Vishnu was born through the womb of Devaki in the jails of Mathura. At the time of their birth at 12:00 pm on the Ashtami of Krishan Paksh or on the 8th day in the month of Bhadon, the guards went into deep sleep hence it gave time for Vasudeva to grab his child and securely put him in a basket and take him crossing the great rivers of Jamuna to the city of Gokul at the residence of Nandlal and Yashoda. From there on the journey of Lord Krishna grooming in to a young naughty enthusiastic curious child aiming to change the evil morals of the society began. The festival of Janamashtami is celebrated across all the Hindus with fasting and prayers to bring justice to all human kind.

Celebrations Across Nations

Janamashtami, is celebrated by the Hindu people by observing fasts on this auspicious occasion and completing it when the janam of Lord Krishna occurs at 12:00 am in the holy places such as temples. There is a myth that on the day of Janamashtami usually it rains as the Lords of rain also celebrate the birth of the incarnation of the Lord Vishnu by showering rains and thunderstorms. In some regions of Maharashtra, the annual festival of dahi-handi is celebrated that explained the naughtiness and innocence of Lord Krishna as he was considered one of the most naughtiest child of his times.

From the birth of Lord Krishna, we need to celebrate this festival to accept the evils that we committed and put them on hold and bring a change in the society by doing right for the society or else another Lord Krishna will be born to take control over the balance of right and wrong!!!!!

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