Masturbation – Stress creator or Stress Buster

Most of us, men and women remember the first time that as children we discovered that our genitalia was for more than excretion. Most of us will publicly deny it but then Come On! Be true! There is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone has done it. It is better to acknowledge it and know all about it than make it your secret double life and worry. Lets us get to know it.

What is Masturbation?
We all know what masturbation is but let us define it anyway. It is the achievement of sexual climax (Orgasm) by way of self-stimulation of the genitals invoking sexual arousal and pleasure. It is done by massaging, stroking or touching the clitoris (In women) or penis (In men) till climax. Today both men and women use sexual aids or “Toys” to add to the pleasure during masturbation.

Who are the Masturbators?
 Deny or not but just about everybody masturbates. It is a common behavior and even people in monogamous relationships with their partners tend to masturbate. In children, before they are scolded, preached or scared into submission, masturbation is a normal process as a part of an exploration of their own body. Masturbation is normally the first sexual act experienced by both men and women. In a study, it was found that almost 95% of men and 89% of women had masturbated. A large number of people continue masturbation into adulthood and for the rest of their lives.

Is masturbation good for health?
For people without partners or whose partners are not available for sex or are unwilling, it can prove to be a good way to relieve stress and sexual tension & have health benefits of masturbation. For women who want to avoid pregnancy and both male and female, who want to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, masturbation can be a good sexual alternative. Medically men masturbate when they have to give a sperm sample for testing or as a sperm donor. For men and women suffering from sexual dysfunction, a sex therapist might recommend masturbation for women to experience orgasm and to learn delay techniques for men.

Is Masturbation Normal?

Masturbation, which was taboo at one time as it was considered a perversion or an indication of mental problems, is considered normal now. No, boys and men, you will not become blind if you masturbate. Masturbation good for health, pleasant, fulfilling, acceptable, and safe activity. Sexual satisfaction through masturbation is a good way to experience sexual pleasure and can be done throughout life. The downside is that it is considered a problem when it hampers sexual activity with a partner or is done in public. If it is done compulsively or interferes with regular life and activities, it could cause distress..

Is Masturbation Harmful?

Masturbation side effects, Socially, many cultures and religions call masturbation sinful and oppose it. People from these backgrounds may feel guilty or even shameful about it. Medically speaking, masturbation is considered to be a harmless expression of male and female sexuality. It does not harm the body or cause physical injuries and in moderation, it can be a part of a person’s normal sexual behavior throughout their lives. Through masturbation you can actually explore your own body and sexuality and determine what is it that erotically pleases you, sharing it with your partner for better sexual fulfillment. Partners sometimes practice mutual masturbation to discover, learn and understand techniques of providing more satisfying sex to each other thus also adding to their intimacy. So it is safe to say, as some experts believe that masturbation can improve sexual health and relationships.

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