Make Your Own Organic Colors for Holi

After the foggy, grey winter comes the spring festival and the celebration of color and joy: HOLI is here again!   Holi is one of the major festivals of India and is held at the time of the spring harvest. Irrespective of caste, creed or color, it is celebrated with a lot of fun. Holi is also considered to be the most vibrant of all the festivals as it gives color to life!

Now the question arises if the colors used in Holi are chemical free and good for our skin? We all know about the chemical used in Holi colors and their harsh effects. This Holi Go Organic and prepare vibrant colors at home!

Get everyone into the mood for Holi Masti early by making your own colors together.


  • Take some Hibiscus flowers and dry them in shade. Crush the dry flowers and make an exquisite red color.
  • Use red sandalwood powder to color your friends and family. For wet red color, add 2 teaspoons of red sandalwood in water and boil it. Dilute and use it.
  • Utilize Annato and make Gulal. It contains pretty brick red seeds.
  • Boil skin of Pomegranate in water and get wet red color.


Yellow - BlogBucket
Yellow – BlogBucket
  • Make yellow color the way we prepare ‘Ubtan’. Mix 2-tablespoons of turmeric powder and add it with double quantity of besan/ gram flour.
  • Add one-teaspoon of haldi/ turmeric in two liters of water, stir and boil the mixture.
  • Soak marigold flower in water. Boil it and leave overnight.
  • You can also dry the petals of Marigold, Black Babul, Yellow Chrysanthemums and crush to a fine powder.


  • This is an expensive method but excellent for the skin. Soak few strands of Kesar/Saffron in 2 tablespoons of water and leave it for few hours. Grind it and prepare a fine paste.
  • Make saffron wet color by adding a pinch of sandalwood powder in one liter of water.
  • Use petals of red variety of Semul/ silk cotton in water and boil it. Cool and use.
    Soak Tesu flowers in water and leave it overnight. Make it a wet saffron color.


Green - BlogBucket
Green – BlogBucket
  • Use Heena powder and mix it with an equal quantity of flour to attain green color.
  • Dry Gulmohur leaves and prepares fine powder.
  • You can also use the tender leaves of a wheat plant. Crush the leaves and get a natural green holi color.


  • Use blue Hibiscus, dry and make a fine powder to make a blue holi color.
  • Dry Jacaranda flowers and get a lovely beautiful blue color.
  • Crush the berries of the indigo plant and mix it the suitable quantity of water.


Magenta - BlogBucket
Magenta – BlogBucket
  • Natural magenta color can be prepared by using Beetroot. Soak the beetroot in 1 liter of water and leave it overnight. You can also boil them and make wet magenta color.
  • Boil the peels of 10-15 (pink) onions in a half liter of water. To eradicate the smell, remove the peels before using it.


  • Coffee or tea leaves also give brown Holi color. Boil them in water, cool and use.
  • Mix Kattha in water and get wet brown color.


Black - BlogBucket
Black – BlogBucket
  • Indian gooseberry or amla gives black Holi color. Boil it in an iron vessel and leave overnight. Dilute with water and use wet Holi color.
  • Also, black grapes can give natural black color. Dilute the extract of black grapes with water.

So, what are you waiting for grab a bucket and start mixing your colors. HOLI HAI!!!

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