Linger on the Lingerie, for Yourself

Gift yourself some sexy lingerie

Who does not like to be attractive? Ask any woman. If they are honest about their feelings, they will acknowledge that looking good feels good. So they go for sexy dresses; take extra care of their skin. They invest a lot of money and time in such pursuits.

But there is one thing most tend to very blasé about, Lingerie. Their undergarments. For the majority of women, it’s ‘out of sight, out of mind’ as far as their most intimate apparel is concerned. They avoid spending money on undies; the rationale being nobody is going to see them, except, of course, the special one. Even when they do, it is for that special occasion!

Ladies, be your own top priority for once! Show it in your choice of lingerie! Go for the best you can afford to feel good. You deserve it. If your partner sees you in them and go all goggle eyed, great. But understand that you live with yourself the most. And why do you have to wait for that ‘ESPECIAL’ moment to don them? Wear them as and when you want.

Go for good lingerie; they can make you feel alluring. They can get your feel good hormones pumping! Feel sexy and confident as you enjoy your hidden beauty!

How to choose lingerie that makes you feel playful

Go for simple colors:
The motive is to emphasize your curves, make you feel graceful and stylish in appearance…you can go for white or black, or even play with floral colorful prints.
Tip: Avoid skin-toned one.

Know your perfect size: Adjusting straps, pulling, scratching etc. is uncomfortable and so tacky! So don’t try to fit yourself in any size. Your body needs to relax without making adjustments with your undies constantly. Remember, if it fits well, you will feel great.
Tip: A smaller size won’t make you slimmer. It will only make you feel stifled and unhappy every time you don it. So, avoid.

Go for soft fabrics:
Fine silky soft fabric can make you feel good. You can go for cotton ones, which are more comfortable during summers.
Tip: Avoid lingerie made of rough fabrics as they can give you rashes in your genital areas.

These little things are often ignored. Pay enough attention to them. At times, they can help you to cope with your stress. Bring about a change in the outlook. Trust me, you don’t need anyone. Start giving importance to your happiness, your things, and your stuff. And the world will follow your lead; they will respond likewise.

Now what are you waiting for? Keep in mind these points and go gift yourself a pair of lingerie. Wear them and they will give you instant gratification. Enjoy the little pleasures of life!


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  1. Totally agree. Lingerie should be completely about yourself first and foremost. When you think about it, it really should go without saying. To assume anything else is to concede that you and your own comfort are of secondary consideration, which should never be the case.

  2. I think the most important thing is to know the correct size and the perfect comfy bra. If not is the worse thing to wear! I love victoria secret and intimissimi. Their bra are amazing!

    1. Hi Rushan, Thanks for sharing your opinion, but sorry to say that i don’t agree with you about your thought of helping western culture, it’s not about supporting any culture, each and every culture is great and we respect each of them, It’s all about the daily need and i think Lingerie is a basic need of everyone.

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