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Maintaining Your Sexual Life While Travelling

Travelling is one of the most loving affairs. Planning for a trip with your beloved can become the most amazing opportunity to explore the world as well as the relationship. Travelling with your lover, fiancé or your life partner can bring lots of challenges, exciting moments, pretty things and unforgettable moments. It completely depends upon the way you maintain your relationship during travel, with your partner and the fellow travellers.

You are the luckiest one, if you get a chance to travel with your partner, whether, it is a personal trip or a professional tour? But there are some dos and don’t s while indulging in hanky-panky with your partner while travelling.

It’s Time to Nurture Love – Romance and sex are the two sides of the same coin which you can’t ignore, especially when you are travelling to some romantic places. Pamper your partner with hot touches, warm hugs and cozy feelings which should bother no one, not even your fellow passenger.

Maintain Privacy – Meeting new people while travelling is quite obvious. It’s very important to maintain your privacy, especially when it comes to physical intimacy. Make your trip more enriching by keeping your partner comfortable without bothering others. Don’t invite embarrass moments for you. Enjoy the thrilling challenges.

Ignite that Spark – The most important thing to keep in mind, especially when you are feeling turned on while travelling, is to do the simple things at the right time and in a right way. Show your passion with a seductive kiss or a sensuous gesture, but make sure that the curtains are on. Reveal it with some dirty talks that you are interested. But Shhh… quietly.

Sometimes, it’s cool to have fun (and take risks) –
Not materializing your turn-on situation is a great turn-off. Therefore, caring about others doesn’t matter, all the time. Sometimes, it’s good to go ahead with the show off or start small but cute love making sessions to experience those ‘butterflies in stomach’ shy feelings. Again, put the curtains on, if any.

A healthy sex life is a key part of a relationship. So, what do you say? So, it’s for you to enjoy your love life on the wheels with the out-speaking expressions or make it boring and dull by making compromises?

Important tips to keep in mind while going bold during travel:

  • Know the laws of the country where you are travelling
  • Wear comfortable clothes to avoid mess
  • Maintain hygiene and be safe!

Enjoy your journey and spice up your love life!!!

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