India’s Daughter, PROUD TO BE A WOMAN

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India’s Daughter, PROUD TO BE A WOMAN

India’s Daughter, PROUD TO BE A WOMAN

India’s Daughter, PROUD TO BE A WOMAN

India’s Daughter, PROUD TO BE A WOMAN
womens day

womens day

NIRBHAYA” means fearless. On hearing this name only one image comes to our mind. We have given so many new names to Jyoti Singh like Damini, Amaanat, Desh kiBeti, India’s Daughter and many more. Today is 8th march. We are celebrating Women’s Day to celebrate being a woman and alsothose women who have achieved something great in their lives. But the real achiever is none another than Nirbhaya who has lost her life but awakened the whole country. We will never forget you.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, let’sappreciatethe hardships, sacrifices and achievements women make as a daughter, sister, friend, mother, wife, boss, leader or a celebrity. Let’s salute the brave girls of our India.

Jyoti means light, brightness, and hope for her family, but after 16th Dec, 2012 there has been nothing but darkness. Today she is not with us but the fire which she ignited will remain alive in our hearts forever.
“She was always our strength, and now she is and will be the strength and inspiration for many girls, whatever happened with our daughter can never be forgotten, but they have once again rubbed salt into our wounds,” said Nirbhaya’s parents.

Girls or women are not safe at all in today’s society. Fear is a very mildword; it’s more like terror in their hearts and minds. After that 16th Dec incident only one questionthat arises is why Women’s Day celebrated at all, ifmen in our country don’t have regard and respect in their hearts for women? Women don’t seem to exist in their lives. Their mentality shows when they gave such weird statements like, “A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy.”

The most difficult situation for a woman is when she gave birth to a girl child. Lots of questions arise when a girl is born in this society. She starts struggling from her first day for her existence in the family forget about what happens when it comes to higher education, her career or to achieving any kind of success.

There have been numerous Indian women in Indian history, who have inspired the younger generation. They are the shining beacons of hope. They have made a difference to India in their respective field. Daughters of India have made the country proud with their great work, dedication and accomplishments.

If she attainssomething then everyone praises her but that changes if something goes wrong in her life because of the prevalentmale harassment and abuse. Her life becomes hell, making it very difficult for them to lead a happy & healthier life ever again.

There are still many places in India where a baby girl has been killed at the time of birth or before that. 221 cases under foeticide and 82 cases under infanticide were reported in 2013 and that’s barely the tip of the iceberg. Rape in India is one of the most common crimes against women. Every 22 minutes a new case of rape is reported in India. Then what is the use of such schemes like “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao”.

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