How Winter Smog Can Kill You?

How Winter Smog Can Kill You - BlogBucket

The dew on the leaf was fresh, the mist in the air could be, felt it through my nasal cavity, entering the veins befriending the blood, taking me to the high plains. The morning walk is such a delight, but with winter fast approaching, early morning walks could be fatal. Winter smog is common in Northern India during winters. Smog is formed when a thin layer of atmosphere near the earth becomes cooler as compared to the layer above it, such phenomena are also known as temperature inversion. The smog so formed traps within it, the deadly pollutants at the ground level and such pollutants tend to offend the air and enter our nasal cavity disturbing bodily functions. The pollutants are not free unless and until there is any change in weather.

Reasons for winter smog

Reasons for winter smog - BlogBucket
Reasons for winter smog – BlogBucket

The pollutants trapped within the layers of the atmosphere are caused due to the emission of burning of coals, from buses, trucks and automobiles. The yellowish and blackish fog is the combination of volatile organic compounds, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons. These deadly elements react with sunlight, heat, ammonia, moisture to form the noxious vapor that comprises smog. Another reason for smog is the rise in an increase in the level of air pollution. During winter, the calm wind helps the smoke and fog to make them stagnate, disturbing the environment and in turn affecting health.

Dangers of winter smog

Dangers of winter smog - BlogBucket
Dangers of winter smog – BlogBucket

Smog is very much harmful and dangerous, and this is evident from the chemical components that comprise the smog. It can lead to bronchial diseases and decrease in UV radiations during winter can cause rickets as heavy smog cuts the sunlight contact with the earth’s surface, thus leading to the low availability of vitamin D. Cold and pneumonia could rule your immune system due to smog. Smog is also known to disturb your respiratory system and make you breathe in a hard fashion.

Smog is increasing its presence in the environment due to increase in pollution. And the worst part is that any measure to curb it has failed and pollutants are harvested in our own lungs. The best way to avoid smog is to stay indoors and avoid early morning walks and wear the mask while commuting or traveling.

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