How to Spice up Weekend Sex

Plan your Weekend Sex

“Good days are coming, they are called Saturday and Sunday,” a thought that could stimulate Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, Estrogen or Progesterone in you. Oh no! They are not drugs but are happiness hormones that are secreted when a thought, an activity and even the idea of stress-free sex, over the weekend, spread happiness more rapidly than wildfire. Oxytocin, no less than a devil, holds immense potential to set off a chain reaction that eventually satisfies the hungry hormones, which are waiting desperately to hit the home run.

The term “lovemaking” holds so much power that just the thought of the act fires up my hungry hormone, testosterone, to such an extent that it can only be satisfied after feeling the pleasurable experience of fornication. But today, living on an island surrounded by a sea of people, running from pillar to post day and night, we have killed our efforts to de-stress ourselves. Stress is “The Dictator” suppressing our sexual desire, hampering our overall development and triggering the Third World War within us.

Weekend getaways are necessary, especially after a stressful and jam-packed week, and sexual overdose has no hangovers. So pull up your sexy lingerie and rekindle the eroticism in you.

Isolate it like an island

Isolate it like an island - BlogBucket
Isolate it like an island – BlogBucket

Unwinding at a beach resort is not necessary to get intimate over the weekend. A cozy corner of the house can be equally romantic, without TV, mobiles and shopping lists bothering you. A locked bedroom door can heat up things for you.

Create an ambience

Create an ambience - BlogBucket
Create an ambience – BlogBucket

Dress up the room like a beautiful bride, with scented candles, flowers, your favorite wine, aphrodisiac foods, dim light and wind chimes, to set the mood.

Go Sexy Shopping

Go Sexy Shopping - BlogBucketBefore embarking on this erotic journey, buy the sexiest lingerie and undies, sex toys such as vibrators, nipple clamp or sex dice (if it is legal in your country), and don’t forget the music CDs that will boost the libido.

Grooming Session

Grooming Session - BlogBucket
Grooming Session – BlogBucket

Visit a spa, get your hair done, pamper yourself and charge up to burn in the fantasy fire.

Be a sport

Be a sport - BlogBucket
Be a sport – BlogBucket

Play games like strip poker; dim the lights and fool around, talk fantasy; categorize sex like rough, soft, sensual, slow and aggressive; serve food on your partner’s body and eat it; have sex in every corner; perform striptease; and give full body massages.

Like a marathon

Like a marathon - BlogBucket
Like a marathon – BlogBucket

Don’t stop till you drop; take turns to reciprocate the pleasure. Make it count, switch roles, be a giver as well as a receiver.

Back to business

Back to business - BlogBucket
Back to business – BlogBucket

After the sexcapade, talk about the favorite part and make it even more memorable the next time.

Don’t waste the coming weekend. Let your sexual organs have a feast this Sunday!

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