Honey, the kids are independent!!!!

A child can never grow old in the eyes of their parents. Yes, indeed it is a true portrayal of the upbringing parents undergo from their journey from adults to guardians of human life. A child no matter how old he becomes will always remain their young one. The children are the true reflection of their parents. The upbringing of the children strongly helps in the development of the child of the traits that will help him in his future journey of life.

The world is a happy place but it is full of hardships and challenges. To overcome these difficulties, it is indeed the responsibility of the parents to make the child bold and determined to face such deterrents without losing their innocence. In today’s 21st generation, being independent is an integral part of one’s life. Being independent needs to be taught throughout the formative years of these budding individuals. It is indeed a part of a child’s upbringing to overcome different obstacles of life independently.

Being independent is not a day’s task, instead, it is inculcated in the life of the child through role playing and practice of overcoming difficult situations.

Let’s understand the different ways in which a child can be made independent in his life that will help him to overcome obstacles in his future course of life.

Abilities and Capabilities:

Try to understand the abilities and the capabilities of your child. Try to draw a pattern as to which all things he can do independently and try practicing them. As the child will perform activities independently, it will help him in gaining confidence.

Observation of your child’s activities:

Always spend time with your child and understand his strength and weakness. The child may be able to perform activities of daily living on his own even though it might take more time than usual, but instilling the confidence in the child is of more importance as he will be able to perform it independently without any support in future.

Reinforcement of good deeds through a positive attitude:

On successful accomplishment of a given task, positive reinforcement needs to be enforced as it will boost the confidence of the patients as well as make them understand the task at hand more efficiently.

Trust your child and understand his shortcomings:

This is again a major step to understand the child’s capabilities efficiently. Always display trust on your child even though you are concerned about your child’s safety. Let your child go on a picnic trip with his class or else he will feel isolated from the entire class when all his classmates will be discussing the adventures encountered during the picnic. Try to reason out the pros and cons of a particular situation with your child so that he also understands the situation and acts responsibly.

Let your child develop his own path:

Let your child to take decisions for situations that he may encounter such as deciding which clothes to wear for his friends birthday party or what food he wants to eat for his next outing. Guide him whenever you feel a need your kid might need your support. A child has to grow up. So as parents it is our responsibility to guide their path and make them independent.

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