Hey bestie, Let’s get married

Marriage is the holy union of two souls bound by infinite love and aspirations to spend a lifetime together. Yes indeed, marriage is such a beautiful episode in the life of any Homo sapien. Marriage not only brings two souls together but it also brings two families together. The occasion of marriage in an Indian setup is of a great importance as it is the first official introduction of the bride and groom as Mrs. And Mr. to their entire families on both sides. There is basically two kind of marriages fixed in the Indian tradition- arrange and love marriage. As you all are aware, the marriage hooked and booked by the parents comes under the arrange setting of marriage while when two people hook and book each other for a lifetime is the love kind of marriage. Marrying your best friend to spend a lifetime with them is the ultimate success one can achieve in their personal life. Indeed it is said that all great love stories had the lovers as best friends before they can become best companions.

Dating your best friend and marrying your best friend has all the more added benefits to it. The stage from friendship to lovers is definitely a sacred one for each of the couples. Every friendship cum love has a story behind it. And no love is complete without some dramatic effects behind it. It can be parents not agreeing or caste not matching or status not compatible but friends keep it in mind that if it needs to happen, then it will happen no matter how adverse and opposed the situation might turn out to be. The support and comfort of friendship, the understanding during difficult times all makes up for the tough times and makes them cherishable once you look them after your marriage.

Friends are connected heart to heart, Distance and time can’t break them apart.

Friendship is always the foundation for a strong relation to bloom. The love that starts with friendship flourishes and remains at times of adversity as the relation is not just physical but it is a connection of the mind, body as well as the soul.

Reasons to marry your best friend

Lets focus on some of the binding factors that makes this love so everlasting:

Compatibility: Sometimes love can be lost, but once you have friendship in your relation your partner understands you even when no one else can. This compatibility is the foundation for your relation.

Journey and not the destination: With your best friend as your partner, you have experienced it all. From your first night out to your pathetic mood swings, your friendship has overcome all these barriers and the love has taken place in your relationship. With best friend as your partner, it is all about your journey till marriage and the happily ever after.

Insiders Jokes: With your best friend as your partner, your sense of humor may seem alien to others but your partner will never judge you for the lame jokes that you might make, instead will give a good hearty laugh even though others might give smirks on it.

Trust beyond limit: Your love for your best friend is not just limited to words. You can read each other not by words but by actions. The bond of friendship has added to your love and has made it stronger than the iron railings. The shackles of your love are reinforced by the friendship shared between the partners.

Familiarity with your future Parents: This is definitely an added bonus for all the friends that turn their friendship into love. The future Mr. and Mrs. Don’t have to make a lot of compromises for each other in order to smoothen their relation with their counterpart parents. There is a level of camaraderie and comfort between the parents and the children.

So guys, turn your friendship in to this beautiful relation of love and once you marry your best friend you will have your friend framed with you forever. And you can definitely find your HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!

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